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You can always rely on Advertising and Credit Mailers to promote your products, services and your website and here’s a page full of them for your perusal. Should you find this page ‘spammy’ then my advice is that you do not get involve with it at all.

These mode of traffic generation are not appreciated by everyone, especially the more experienced internet marketers BUT don’t they all sprout from here and became more wise eventually and relying on PAID SERVICES which are deem more reliable?

However, if you are new online and is learning about Internet Marketing, these are the FREE and “cheapest” way to “lure” people to your website or blog!

I know that some of my visitors came from these websites and some of them are quality visitors too.

With some work and effort, after joining a program, you can even build your NAME LIST for the long term haul. There are also people earning money from such programs too — *with lots of hard work put in!

Do visit my blog often for more tips and techniques in future!

Caution: ** DO NOT DRIVE TRAFFICS To Your Website/Blog IF you already have an Adsense account running in the background of your website or blog BECAUSE Google will penalized you without any warning!!! You will lose your Adsense account for good!

*Please also note that whichever program you decides to join or get involves with, it will benefit me because I am affiliated to all of them BUT how much you want to earn or make money using their program is very much dependent on your personal time and effort put in!

*Remember! You DO NOT need to signup for all of them, instead explore and use the one that is most beneficial to your web traffic campaign!

Rebrandable Traffic System


Cash In On Banners


AdMagy 24 Hours Text Ad


Ad Viralizer


Hot Link Cycler


A-Z Ad Board




A Bit Loud — Lower Speaker Volume

Thank You Ad Network



# Care to comment on the above so as to benefit my visitors here. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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3 thoughts on “Advertising and Mailers

  1. Hi There, I agree that Safelists and other mailers can be effective form of advertising. I actually just recently did a post giving 6 quick tips on how to market on Safelists. I like the way you have the banners, although I know someone else disagreed, it makes it very easy if someone is interested to click on the links and sign up as it’s all in one place. 🙂

    • Thanks Donald for your kind comment. Actually this is a page for visitors of this blog who wants more avenue to advertise their products or services and it is not any form of sales page per se. There is no reason to view it as Spammy because it is not mass feed into amyone’s email. 😉

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