Follow These Tips To Be Successful In SFI/TripleClicks

Idea, Tips, SuggestionsThe fact that you are reading this page tells me that you are someone who seriously want to do something to improve your present situation for the sake of the future. The information below will be seen by you many times in the course of your undertakings in SFI because those active Sponsors above might even drop you a note regarding it. NO Sponsor in the world will want you to Fail or Quit!

Everyone can become successful in SFI because SFI allows anyone anywhere and at anytime to build their business at their own pace. (Own Time Own Target!)

Whether you are someone new on the web or new to online businesses or even an experienced Internet Marketer, SFI will still embrace anyone from all countries and at all levels. So if you think SFI is not right for you, it may not be but chances are it is.

Heard of this cliche ? “If you change the way YOU see things, then the things YOU see change”

When you become an affiliate in SFI, Duplication is the KEY TO SUCCESS, period!

Follow the SFI rules of success and you will be rewarded. Stray down uncharted waters or remains unteachable and success may be unreachable. DO NOT DEVIATE or get distraction too easily!

Most importantly, DO NOT REINVENT THE WHEEL!

That’s is the problem with too educated people, who often like to analyze too much and starts suggesting this or that about the business they are involves with BUT have yet to understand it from the BASICs. All those answers are already in the System and reachable for anyone to grasp and understand it (provided they are active and login daily).

Follow These Tips To Be Successful In SFI/TripleClicks

Follow these basic steps and you will stay on course. Before you embrace them, you should be familiar with all lessons in the Launch Pad. (* It’s like reading the Car Manual to understand how the car will function)

1. First things first. Learn how to become an Executive Affiliate (EA). Understand this and your battle is half won!


2. Second. Learn the many methods to retain EA status every month with a minimal 1500 VPs (Versa Points)

3. Third. Imperative! You MUST BUILD a group of affiliates who are equally as devoted and motivated as you are. 3-5 is a good safe number to start with and it’s attainable. There is no limit to how many affiliates you want to have.

4. Fourth. While you are searching for your Diamonds or Champion to be your Top 5 downline affiliates (PSA and CSA), BE SURE to teach everyone how to duplicate the same three steps above. DUPLICATION is vital to your SUCCESS. Just teach what you were taught or learned.

5. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Use ALL the affiliate resources which are provided free at and remember to carry out your daily To Dos. Do it every day and NO COMPROMISE! Soon, you will developed a habit like you are brushing your teeth daily! It’s important for you to train and be discipline here.

Work your business like a true business. Create the desire and urgency to build a strong business and stay abreast of the latest news. ALWAYS BE LEARNING!

Key point: You should treat your downline like Royalty and they will do the same. Be patient and persistent! Do this for at least 6 months without compromising and soon you will see the SFI system works when you duplicate and follow the SFI rules of success.

This is the Tips to success in SFI and is the most useful information that I can offer you so as not to overwhelm you. It’s based off my own experiences to date.

IF YOU START FEELING OVERWHELMED, CLICK HERE! to understand the concept of the business from Basics.

Or Drop me an email ( William [{ADD}] )

To your success! Get going and take massive action today!

IF you are NOT a SFI Affiliate, you can visit some of those hyperlinks here but my hope is that those tips above can still assist you in some way for whatever opportunities that you are embarking on as the concept is the same everywhere.

You might want to give it a shot. Just click here to get your 100% FREE account now!

IF you are already a SFI Affiliate but you are NOT part of my group then hopefully the tips above can spur you to take some action for the sake of your future OR you can even email your active Sponsor to advise you more.


# Leave comment, if any. Appreciated very much for your visit!

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