50 Productivity Tips For You To Make Money Smartly Online and Offline

50 Ways To Make You More Productive

Being unproductive is a huge time-waster and you definitely won’t make money smartly online and offline. Here are tips on how you can organize to utilize your resources and time wisely to your advantage:

01. Don’t get overwhelmed with activities. Take your time to clear your “most hated” tasks by doing it one at a time to avoid discouragement. The load shrunk before you realize about it.

02. Organize your workspace. You’ll spend less time looking for what you need. Categorize your Computer Folders too as it can be a time-waster.

03. Make sure your space is comfortable. You’ll work much better when your surroundings are pleasant and peaceful. Close the door if you have to.

04. Double check to make sure what you have before you start your task. It will save a lot of time later.

05. ‘Disconnect’ with others while you work. This is especially important if you work at home and have children running around.

06. Eliminate all distractions. That means no television in the background or time-wasting chit-chat on the phone or online.

07. Eat healthily. With the right nutrients you need each day, your body will be more alert and sharp and you will do more tasks.

08. Have a schedule for each day – that means no impromptu outdoor lunch that takes up more than usual or watching the News on TV or watching an online YouTube video

9. Do Not Skip Lunches. You need the break to maintain your productivity level and it hurts your body in the long run. E.g. Stomach Ulcer

10. Stop your day on time. Working late into the night will make tomorrow harder and soon your body will goes into exhaustion and your concentration drops.

11. Get plenty of rest. Besides having the right nutrition, this is the best thing you can do to keep yourself productive. Have a 5 to 10 minutes rest for every 2 hours of job done.

12. Start the day with a promise to yourself that you will get things done. Jot down your achievements and you will feel proud at the end of the day.

13. Go to your work area even if you woke up in lousy mood. You must never compromise with yourself! Be 100% responsible to get things done for the day.

14. Make a list. When it is all written in black and white, your tasks seem less intimidating and you will not lose focus too.

15. Prioritize the list. Like the Action-Taker says “Eat The Frog” first. Know what has to be done first and what can be done later.

16. Be realistic. Do as much as possible. You can’t cram twenty ‘one-hour’ tasks into one day, right?

17. Know your body rhythm. Allocate more time to the period when you are most active. Some people does well in the morning and some in the afternoon but there are those that claims they work best at night. The choice is yours as you know your body better!

18. Do the easy stuff at the top of the list first. Scratching off easier actionable tasks will shorten your list and keeps you will motivated throughout the day.

19. Multi-task on the small stuff. It is okay to make yourself a sandwich or check your Facebook while you are making phone calls.

20. Forget multi-tasking with the big stuff. Big stuff needs a lot of attention. Focus on that one thing fully and get it done before moving on to the next.

21. Proof your work before going on. It’ll prevent you from having to do the things twice. As for my blog article, I can read and revised 3 to 4 times before I published it.

22. Try to consolidate some tasks into one block of time. Write all your article, then do your social networking, then check, clear and reply your emails. It’ll make life a lot easier.

23. Allow for the unexpected. Things do come up suddenly, so allocate some time for contingencies into your schedule so that you can handle them when it arrive.

24. Handle the unexpected, then get quicly get back to your next task on your list. Never get distracted and forgot about your schedule.

25. Plan some buffer time in between tasks. A breather. It will give your brain a chance to rest so that you can start the next task with a fresh attitude. A 10 to 15 minute rest is good enough.

26. Don’t be upset when something temporarily derails your schedule. Things will work out sooner or later, just move on until you can go back to your task. At least you have done something for the day, right?

27. Accept that circumstances beyond your control may make it impossible to do something on your list today.

28. Don’t sweat the delay, similar to Point 26, simply make that task you miss the priority for tomorrow’s schedule.

29. Keep in mind some tasks may have to be scheduled to accommodate others. Inpromptu shopping requirement or fetch your kid because the school bus breaks down.

30. Delegate if and when you can. Believe it or not, you don’t have to do everything yourself. You can even out-source some tasks online for a small fee.

31. Scan for information whenever possible. You’ll still get what you need, just a little faster.

32. Put things away when you are done with them. Know where it’s stored or kept as it’ll save you time when you need them again.

33. Check off items as you go. Seeing the list shrink is motivating and give you an idea how much time you have left for the others.

34. Get away from your desk or laptop now and then. Even two minutes away will rest your eyes and body. Movement of your body is also a form of exercise.

35. Keep a second list of things that pop into your head while working on other stuff. You can always refer to it later when necessary or allocate some time to handle it as tomorrow’s task.

36. Take a break in the afternoon – a real one, not two minutes to rest your eyes. Have a Siesta! Fifteen minutes will take away a lot of stress and make it easier to keep things going.

37. Bookmark important web sites; this includes your web site, your social networking login pages, and any reference sites you use regularly.

38. Archive all your web copy to a remote storage device. It can be an external harddisk or some online storage program. Update the stored data every time you make some changes.

39. Make sure your hard drive files as well as your hard copy files are always in order, so you can find them easily when you need it.

40. Keep your office stocked with supplies; otherwise, you’ll have to interrupt your day to get something you need urgently and it became a waste of valuable time.

41. Do as much ordering, funds transfers, and other tasks via the Internet as you can. You save time by doing all these errands online from your desk. It is a form of multi-tasking.

42. Keep something to drink handy. A bottle of water nearby saves time for trips to the kitchen or refrigerator. On the hand, walking there in 2 to 3 minutes can be consider a good rest for your eye and body too.

43. Schedule one hour near the end of the day as a catch up period. Any tasks that got put off earlier can be addressed during that time.

44. Prepare your schedule for the following day. It’s easier to ‘Eat The Frog’ first in the morning when you goes to your work desk.

45. Review what you have accomplished. Pat yourself on the shoulder! You’ll be surprised and pleased at how much you have done for the day. If it’s a future-based event then you will see that you are reaching your goals faster and faster everyday.

46. Lay out what you will need to handle those first few tasks on the new day. Have your ‘ammunition’ ready to finish off the tasks being schedule fast.

47. Check the printer for paper and ink; Ensure that its all ready and top-up for tomorrow’s requirement. Running to the store to get some inks or paper will be a time-waster.

48. Organize your workspace before you leave. Having a clean work desk makes your entrance pleasant the next morning. You won’t pschologically feel bogged down!

49. Turn off the Power, Open the door, ventilate the environment so that tomorrow will be as pleasant as what you are experiencing today.

50. Leave your work area and do not return until the next day. Yes, it can be very tempting for you to surf the web or have a chat online or do ‘one more thing’.

Well, you have it! Hopefully these pointers can help you become more productive in future to make money smartly online and offline.


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