Bad Customer Service Really Irks Me!

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Yes, I am beating the old bad customer service or customer support drum again. I am sick of beating the drum too but as long as bad customer service is still rampant on the web I feel it is my “duty” to bring it to your attention again.

What puzzles me is that if bad customer service is really bad for business, why do so many businesses allow it to go on? I think it has become a “habit” for most internet marketer’s (including the very experienced one) to literally “close one eye and shut the other” when it comes to providing customer service support, be it online or offline. They ceased caring what their customers think. If that is the case, then you should close down your business and get a day job!

This is what happened to me recently,

2 to 3 years back, a plugin named Traffic Player was made available for free for anyone who wants to embed Youtube videos on to their blog post or page. I tried it and loved it for its simplicity. As time passed and with newer WordPress revisions, the player no longer become useable. As the owner of this plugin had developed a more powerful version called Covert Player, naturally I bought it to try this functional and powerful tool.

There are lots of examples and tutorial on how you can use this plugin at the member area and it is pretty comprehensive too BUT one simple usage of functionality was not taught and that is to embed a Youtube video on my post or page without the thumbnail feature. The irony is that I can use other freely available plugin or iFrame to do so.

Bad Customer Service or Bad Technical Support

A support ticket was opened on 8 March 2015 explaining my difficulties and is seeking HELP on what can I do about it. 3 days later, still no reply. Another reminder was sent and it took another 3 days before a reply came it. What annoyed me is that I am referred back to the Member Area to view those tutorial. A reply was made and I asked for specific direction or URL to rectify this matter yet the answer was not forthcoming.

It is now 2 weeks and my problem is still not solved and when I wrote in again. See for yourself how stupid the reply was,

14 March 2015, I wrote:

“Can’t you just point me to a video tutorial that solves my problem. Just a display of a Video Frame so anyone can view a video I attached to it?

I certainly had gone through them once but I cannot remember seeing one that do not need to specify a Thumbnail then visitor have to click on thumbnail before it shows the video frame to the size specify.”

24 March 2015, their reply:

“You cannot encrypt html5 video”

It took 10days before the replied came and still it had not solve my problem!

How would you feel if you are the one involve in this kind of situation? Worse still, the owner is a popular internet marketer’s and had been churning out so many software lately that all I am getting from his member email messages are promotions and offers instead of anything value-added to the software or plugin I had purchased.

Since I am unable to get a refund (having bought the software for some time by now), I decided that I no longer want to deal with or associate with such a marketer’s anymore and I opt-out or unsubscribe from ALL email messaging relating to his businesses. This is the second online marketer’s services that make me take such a drastic action since I became active online almost 5 years by now!

Bad customer service really irks me and I truly believed you will too when you encounters one. End of day, is it worth it for any businesses to provide bad customer service to their customers? Is it worth it for this marketer to treat my support email message like a “fart”? As far as I know, he is already on the lose-lose situation!

#Leave comment below if you have encountered any such experiences so that visitors to this blog will learn a thing or two about BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Appreciate your kind contribution in advance!

We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things than we can to spend minor time on major things. -- Jim Rohn

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