Benefits Of Building A Niche Blog To Make Money Smartly Online

Benefits Of Building A Niche Blog

A niche market is a focused and targetable area of products or services where it is not being addressed by mainstream providers. You can think of a niche market as a narrowly defined group of potential customers.

For example, instead of offering normal eatery services, a restaurant might establish a niche market by catering only vegetarian dishes with delivery services.

Why should you bother to establish a niche market? Because of the great advantage of being the only player around; other small businesses may not be aware of your particular niche, and large businesses won’t even bother about it.

The trick to capitalizing on a niche market is to find or develop a niche that has customers wanting to access what you offer, and is growing fast enough, and if possible, not owned by any established vendor already. “niche” refers to a targeted market with profit potential that is not saturated with competitors.  Similarly, you must realize the benefits of building a niche blog and then find the niche markets out there to promote and market your product or service.

Benefit #1
Niche Blogs are essentially niche websites that are alive!  That’s because your blog will grow as you continue to publish articles or pages regularly.

Benefit #2
Blogs are designed to be able to publish or update contents easily once you have them set up and configured. It’s a matter of getting into that habit of writing blog articles and pages and publishing them regularly.

Benefit #3
They are either FREE or cost very little to set up. You can create your blog easily by at Google Blogger or and taking your time to study and learn the technicalities or “how-to”.

Benefit #4
You can make money with your niche blog in many ways, such as:
– Publishing third-party ads on your blogs (eg. Google Adsense)
– Recommending affiliate products and services in your blogs (eg. Amazon)

Benefit #5
Unlike websites, blogs are usually interactive. Visitors, or blog readers are often allowed to post comments for a blog post (or article) to the blog owner.  These ‘conversations’ can help build rapport and relationship between the blog owner and his visitors or members.

Benefit #6
Since blogs are usually updated regularly with articles and pages, blogs can be rank higher on Search Engines as compared to normal HTML or CSS websites. This will allow anyone searching with the keywords you use to find your blog easily. With the implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimzation), you will often be visited by the Search Engine ‘spiders’ when your blog are updated regularly.

Benefit #7

A blog’s syndication function is its most powerful benefit! You can syndicate the contents of your blog by allowing other website publishers to publish your feed (or channel) on their sites. This helps bring more traffic to your blog when the visitors of these sites subscribe to your feed via web-based or desktop newsreaders.

So, with the above benefits, doesn’t it make a lot of sense for you to start building your niche blog as quickly as possible? However, if you are really new to blogging and want to learn more about it, you can always grab a Free Blogging From The Beginning Course here.


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