Can Affiliate Program Help You Make Money Smartly Online and Offline?

When you received your email messages or goes online everyday, you will realized that EVERYONE seems to be trying to sell you something to build up your own business or introducing you to a system tool that will help you make money smartly online or offline.

You might be overwhelmed with these shiny objects which causes you to feel confuse on what to do next.

Exactly what is Affiliate Marketing about?

The simplest way to expain is:
Affiliate Marketing is a great way for you to make income for yourself online and offline. You learn about the products or services of the marketer, promote them and get a commission for selling it. You can then startup a website to promote those programs using your designated Affiliate ID or URL so that when your visitors buys the product or service, you will get paid for it.

Sounds familiar? It seems like the Network Marketing or MLM business opportunities, right? (* If you have heard of it or involves in one before)

Basically, they are utilizing the same business concept – The Power of Leveraging – but that is not the purpose of this article.

Several years ago, becoming involves with Affiliate Marketing is the most lucrative way to make money online without a product of your own. Basically, you visit a commonplace like Clickbank, finds a topic of interest to you and promote the product that you have identified. You are actually selling the product for the Merchant, Product Owner or Marketer and they will pay you commission based on what was agreed on their Affiliate Promotion page.

You can then email to people you know or introduce it to people who will want that kind of product information in order for them to purchase it.And when they do, you make some money because of it. Back then, majority of people are not technical or internet savvy, they are people who don’t know what they don’t know and are a curious lot. Also, there are NOT MANY people trying to sell them a solution that can make them rich or become successful. Internet Marketing have not become the trend yet then.


Fast forward to today, majority of people online are IT savvy due to their ongoing education and knows how to search and find information which they are soughting for. Information that were uploaded or posted by ANYONE, whether they are successful or not, can be easily access or retrieve. This resulted in lots of mis-information being transmitted, read or perceived by some of these readers out there. And if not ‘politically’ corrected by any actual marketer or business leader, these readers can self-sabotage their thinking or action in life.


Email message

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I am pretty sure that you are inundated with email messages from marketers daily who claims they have the products or services or solutions that will change your life when you invest, buy or study them. They claimed they are millionaire who have struggled out of their slump or poverty and is able to churn out thousand of dollars daily and that you can do it too, if you will invest in whatever that they are offering.

Some even goes to the extent of hiring professional actors or actresses driving fast cars, sailing on a yatch, riding on a helicopter or personal jet just to make it persuasive enough to attract your attention and increase your impluse to buy.

One worse tactic of all was, the One-Click Solution, where they claimed that when you buy the product or solution mentioned on their sales page, all you need to do is One Click and you can earn as well as they had claimed on their Sales Video. Then immediately after activating your purchase, there will be a One Time Offer (OTO) SALES page that try to convince you to invest a little more to enhanced your chance of making more money the easier way with what they had to offer. At first you thought you are spending $17 then its another $47 or $97. Seems familiar?

Nowadays, it gets so ‘desperate’ that you will see One-Time-Offer (OTO) for Upselling as well as Downselling, depending on which button you have click on in the end. You end up feeling that you have been SNOOKED or taken for a ride. Yes, you have got what you ‘want’ and land up with a huge deficit from your wallet. And if the quality of the product or service is good, you will at least feel justified for spending those money but there are times you realized you bought a product or service that have the same quality to some FREE product or service that you have got from some other marketer’s who were promoting to you too.

Worse still, you seems to realized that the One-Time-Offer is no longer ONE Time anymore. I have personally seen a promotion that took 8 window clicks just to quit the Sales Promotion Page. Is this desperation or what? Worse still, it came from a trusted marketer to whom I have subscribed to for more information about Internet Marketing stuff. Guess what I did the next time an email message from him arrived? UNSUBSCRIBE!!!


“You don’t stop eating just because you took a bad lunch today, right?”

Yes, there might be bad vibes on what is going on now with the online world but there are still lots of trustworthy marketers or affiliates out there who are trying their very best to bring the right message to your doorstep, you wouldn’t want to severe all ties with them, do you? Some of them are actually millionaires who had proven their earnings or reputation at seminars or events organized by reputable internet business organizations or groups. Learn to identify who they are, signed up for their newsletter and after a while you will be experience enough to VET your email messages more accurately.

Similarly to the Network Marketing or MLM Industry, affiliate marketing will be available to anyone whether you like it or not. With 2.4 billion internet users worldwide and close to 600 million of them from English speaking nations, there are bound to be plenty of novices or newbies coming online seeking for ways to make money online with their computer knowledge and computer system. The only setback is that it will be much tougher now to make money than before and you definitely need more patience or perseverance to become successful online.

Fortunately, there are more information provided for free, more advanced tools and techniques that you can adopt to get things going at a faster pace. Instead of competing with a handful of players as in the early days, now you are competing with hundreds, if not thousands of other online marketers for a piece of the pie.

If you have gotten fed up working hard to make your boss rich in a job, you might want to consider trying out as an affiliate, online or offline, to see if it is “your cup of tea”. Become an affiliate with ANY company and utilize their program to market their product for a small commission first and when you have learn the rope or acquired the habit of earning your own money, do it on a full time basis.

Selecting a product or service that you are passionate about certainly helps.

Here’s an easy way to make quick money,

[trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”500″ height=”300″ src=”″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video]

* Click here – Operation Quick Money! Hope you like it.

Or, you can always visit Clickbank yourself and find something that you can promote according to your passion or liking and learn all about Affiliate Marketing as you go along to become successful with it.

So, can affiliate program help you make money smartly online and offline? The answer is still an astounding YES!


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