Can I Provide A Little Help For You To Make Money Smartly?

Some extracts from an Article by Lanie Salkin’s on Questions to ponder to know whether or not you really want to jump into a business….

After reading Lanie Salkin’s blog article, I can’t help but to agree 100% what she had asked the readers about.


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It’s more of a WHY you want to get into a business and whether you have the desire to pursue your goal. Do not be like most people today, they became a wandering generality or a “walking corpse” with no desire to learn, upgrade or improve their lifestyle even when it is clear that they need to change.

What do you really want? Once you begin to achieve success and money, how would it make a difference in your life? What would you do with the money? How would success make you feel? How would you act? Would you change your lifestyle? Would you keep the same friends and social activities or would you feel you need to change them?

These are questions necessary for you to make a decision whether you want to get out of your present RUT. Did you even attempt to visualize it? If you can’t, have you seek the help of any successful people around you?

Start making a list now of what you will do with an extra $1000 each month….If money and time were no object, what would you do tomorrow and for the rest of your life? What would your life be like? How would that make you feel? How long have you wanted to do that?

If money a huge factor for you to even start a business that can generate much for you in the future, what are you going to do about it? Surrender there and then? Or find some ways to make that sum of money to invest in the business?

I know that Life is hard. I was at the Bottomless Pit at least 3 times in my life and all these due to my folly in my younger days. If you can start early in your life doing what I am doing today, I Guarantee that you will be much better off than me during those past years.

Ask yourself, “Do You Really Want to Continue Doing What You Are Doing Today?” because You Will Be EXACTLY in the SAME POSITION 3 to 5 Years from now IF you don’t CHANGE!

No one can help you Change, You must do the change Yourself if you want to become a different you or to make money smartly online and offline.


If you have any doubts on how you can get what you want, Can I provide a little Help?


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Your Decisions, not Your Conditions, Determine your Financial Destiny. -- Anthony Robbins

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One thought on “Can I Provide A Little Help For You To Make Money Smartly?

  1. I appreciate your incorporating some of my thoughts into your blog, William. Let’s hope people take notice of what you’ve written and not just continue whining about their current life situation without taking steps to change. You’re so right. It’s pretty simple…people doing what they like are happy people = happy people don’t make war = world peace! Each person can make a difference by taking action today.

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