Dimesale Here, Dimesale There, Dimesale Everywhere!

For the past 2 weeks and until today, I retrieved my email messages with a heavy heart because a majority of them comes from Internet Marketers, to whom I had subscribed to. Coupled with some ‘uninvited’ senders, my inbox is inundated with Offers, Bonuses or Invitation to visit Sales Page of launches available for the week from practically every niche possible. Are you experiencing it too?

What Is A DimeSale?

A dimesale is a process to which a marketer promote his/her product with their selling price increasing with each purchase made. It is theoretically one of the most effective way to encourage potential buyers to make a buying decision in the shortest possible time available. They even append a CountDown Timer to psychologically trigger you to purchase that product quickly.nt Down Timer

A product is launch with a starting price and a finishing price and with a time-frame for that promotion (e.g. 5 Days). It will considered to be complete with either terms being met first.

Let say you want to sell your product and it start from $7, then you set the price increment per sale to whatever you want, 10 cents, 50 cents or $1 etc. Now all you have to do is place the dimesale button provided by the merchant on your sales page and your dimesale is on the way. Each time someone buys your product, the price shown to the next prospect increases accordingly to your preset increment. E.g. $7.00 then $7.10 then $7.20 so on and so forth until it reaches your target pricing for it or reaches the time-frame you  have alloted to it, let’s say you launch on Friday and ends it on Wednesday next.

An extraction from  Michael D Forbes opinion from the Warrior Forum, he mentioned:

A dime sale can effectively:

  • Bring a fast surge of buyers to an offer.
  • Test the top range that a product will sell for in a given market.
  • Reveal you if you’ve under priced a product.
  • Reward a loyal group of customers.
  • Build launch buzz.
  • Raise early conversions to attract affiliates.
  • Tip uncertain shoppers into a sale.
  • Make dimesale haters whine loudly.

And much, much more….

Do you agree with those discussions at the Warrior Forum? Or, is it totally new to you as you don’t know what you don’t know but now have learn another things or two.

My Opinion About DimeSale

Hat loaded with DimesMy experiences with dimesale is a mixture of excitement and frustration too. As the cliche goes “No Come No Come, One Come All Come!”, sometimes I wonder if the marketers know that if every Internet Marketers were to do a launch in the same month collectively, how many people can really buys them all?

What I find interesting about Dimesale is that it is relatively cheap if you visit their sales page at the beginning stage of their launch. Most of the time, there are lots of ‘freebies’ or ‘bonuses’ provided with your purchase, especially from other affiliates promoting the same product with more ‘ethical bribe’ from them for you to click on their link. If you are someone new or novice, this is the best time to collate as many products as possible for a relatively low investment. Of course there must be due dilligence carried out to find out if the offers are up-to-date and of value to you too.

However, with almost every hardworking affiliates promoting for their favorite gurus or marketers, you tend to find plenty of emails inviting you to visit these sales pages and coupled with their daily followups of reminding you about those launches, you tend to get ‘sick and tired’ of it. You get annoyed or frustrated depending on where you are positioned. As for me, I am annoyed because there are plenty of good products as well as bonuses promised by these marketers or affiliates but I can only buy a handful of these promotions and not all of it.

On a realistic note and as a marketer, I would love to experience a dimesale launch of my own. To feel the excitement of the pricing counter clocking a higher figure each time a sale is done and knowing that another customer is on my mailing list. Knowing that there are affiliates out there promoting my product earnestly and also knowing that customers are handsomely rewarded for their action to purchase. Don’t you want the same experience?

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Have you encounter any dimesale purchased before? Why not share your experiences here so that the visitors of this blog can be informed about it? What was your best deal or worst deal you have got from dimesale etc?



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