Do You Need A Guru or A Mentor or Anything?

In life, we goes through our challenges by learning and acting on good advices provided by others and as a result, we achieved our goals or dream.

We have seen people providing services as Guru or Mentor in the hope of grooming others into a successful businessmen or businesswomen like themselves. Lately, on the web, there is some stirring going on, it includes some well-known professionals too.

You could find yourself receiving information from people wanting to DO EVERYTHING for you. It’s like “You Pay Me Money For What I Am Providing You, Just Sit Back And Relax. The Money Will Come!” or “Pay $$$ For This Course PLUS Personal Coaching From Expert Like Myself” etc

Is it really that simple to make money on the web today? NO! NO! NO!

The Internet today is much more matured than 8 years ago and is very crowded with technical savvy people hounding every corner of it in an endeavor to make money online. So, you will be competing with ALL of them! What makes thing easier today is that you do not need to learn HTML Code to create a website nor worry about finding the right Autoresponder to create your mailing campaign or even creating your Splash Page or Optin Page from scratch. All these tools have been improved to a point of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and idiot proof too.

So, do you really need a Guru or Mentor in order to make money smartly online? It’s a LIE if I were to tell you its a NO but always remember, NOT EVERYONE who comes seeking for ways to make money online is financially sound to want to invest $197 or $297 or $497 for a course. After spending several $47 (seems like everywhere) for ebooks or simple courses in their area of pursuit, they became more and more skeptical of spending more than ever. To find someone who is truly a mentor is not easy too.

In recent campaigns, these Guru or Mentor will usually pose a LIMIT to their RECRUITMENT campaign indicating that the Opportunity or Course or Coaching Session can only cater to X numbers of applicants only! Their offered pricing is affordable and strangely, it is always this point in time that you find yourself short of cash. Why? Because your heart want you to take up the offer but financially wise, you can’t afford it. I’ve gone through this so I know.

If your desire is really that strong, you can always write to them about your intention. They will usually respond in writing with some other sound advice for FREE!

You can also explore information from site like mine to collate as much information as possible that could help you make an informed decision as to what your next course of action is.

I may not be a Guru nor a Mentor but I have invested almost 13 years of my time in MLM or Network Marketing and 4 years or more in Internet Marketing and I have been involved with IT, Sales and Marketing since 1985. What is written here on this blog are mainly the experiences or knowledge that I have. Can you imagine learning how to build your own website from scratch using “gabbage” HTML coding when you are not a programmer? or Writing and re-writing articles over and over to ensure that they fit into the blog page well? or playing around with the tools within the Blog editor and messing up the faucet of your webpages? Along the way, I learn from respectable Marketers or Blog Owners to become more efficient online.

My personal testimonial or comments here can reduce plenty of wasted time or journey on your part to becoming an Online Marketer if you are seriously seeking to make money smartly online. Pardon me for not having any success stories regarding making some vulgar amount of money nor do I claim that my solution is the right thing for you BUT I do know that I have walk the walk and talk the talk (selling products, doing presentation, showing the plan, training my new partners in business, attending meetings or seminars, set up blogs, blogging, writing ebooks, affiliate marketing, product creation etc). Its no shame to admit that my MLM or Network Marketing organization have been rebuilt over and over again (starting from scratch each time). Most important is that I DID NOT QUIT! Like the Leaders always says, “In MLM, you only need a handful of FrontLiners to make a difference in your life!” So is Internet Marketing, you only need a few good products or services to make it big online.

However, I am glad that things are continuing improving and my believed is that You can do it too. You must adopt the willingness to re-learn. Learn from those who have succeeded online. Remember this, if you think your existing knowledge is great then why are you seeking for ways to make money then?

What is important is COMMUNICATION! If you don’t write to anyone or even speak to anyone about your intention, NO ONE WILL KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! We always assumed that people around us (including our loved ones, family, relatives and friends) knows what we want but that is NOT TRUE! They can’t read your mind!

Do feel free to explore all the articles on this blog as well as those Opportunities that are reflected here. Even if you are not willing to get involve in MLM or Networking Marketing or Anything, the information provided here can be treated as a learning experience too. You will then Know What You Don’t Know!

You will find some of your answers here and who knows you might join me in my quest too.

#   Do you have any comment regarding the above? Are you seeking for something?

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day, while failure is simply a few errors in judgement, repeated every day. It is the cumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgements that leads us to either fortune or failure. -- Jim Rohn

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