Don’t Have Money To Invest In Products To Make Money

Ever since I was involved in activities that enable people to make money, whether Have No Moneyits online or offline, there’s bound to be people saying this “The opportunity is interesting but I really don’t have any money now!” If you are into network marketing, direct sales or MLM, hearing such comments is like brushing your teeth everyday. However, if you are into Online Marketing, that could explains why no one visited your site, read your Sales Page or clicks on that “Order Button” It’s quite depressing isn’t it?

I personally had gone through these situations in life so frequently that I know what to do next, but I also knew that if someone really has the desire to want to make money smartly with the opportunity presented, they will go ALL out to generate that sum of money to invest in that program or products. How do I know? I have been through this many times myself, of course!

The opportunity is interesting but I have no money now!

It really mean 3 things when someone said the above statement:

1.  They are not interested in whatever you are proposing and uses that statement to deter you from “bugging” or “annoying” them.

2.  They really do not have the money now but they might consider saving money for it if they are interested. So, if you follow up closely with them, they might still consider working with you when the time is right.

3.  They really do not have the money now but they seem excited enough to want to partake in the opportunity. You should help them make those money so that they will invest on it the soonest time. However, 2 different scenario can happen here:

  • Your prospect expect you to help them financially. They might even ask you to pay for them or loan some money. If you do that then I can guarantee it’s a lost cause (you will waste those money!). They will not “ache” or show any urgency when pressured to work on the business.
  • Your excitement to encourage them to “beg, borrow or steal” in order to invest in the opportunity will make them feel that you’re desperate or that you are insensitive.

What I prefer to do is to let them decide themselves. If they are really excited or hopeful about the business opportunity, they WILL take the right ACTION! Just follow up closely with them and provide support when they ask for help regarding the business.

The cliche “You Can’t Force A Cow To Drink Water When It Refuses To Drink It” is always true and correct!

My personal 7 SW’s were:

  • Some Will
  • Some Won’t
  • Some Wondering (about this or that)
  • Some Wandering (aimlessly)
  • So What, Next! (learn to let go!)
  • Start Working on the business (whether people want to join or not)
  • Surely Win (reward for persistency and trust)

Therefore when someone I met tells me “I Don’t Have Money Now To Invest In The Business Opportunity”, I will determine if I will continue to follow up with them by asking them a direct question “On a level of 1 to 10, 1 being Not Interested and 10 being Very Interested, what is the chances that You will invest in this business opportunity?”

If their answer is 7 and below, I will literally “dropped” them. I will not want to spend too much time with them for now but will contact them again after several months!

You might think that this is mean but I can assure you that even if you spent lots of your precious time following up with them, “chasing” them and when they dilly dally here and there, they won’t even bother about the time you have wasted on them!

Similar when someone online tells me they have no money to invest on the products or services I am rendering, I will ask them how seriously they want to learn about making money online. When I confirmed that they are serious about it, I will help them in whatever way I can (provided they work hard for it!) and soon they will obtain stuffs from me when they starts making money online. This is why I called my blog “Make Money Smartly Online and Offline” using the Right System and Education! The wise one will leverage on my FREE advices to make money online whilst the unwise one will keep searching for their next “shining object” and they keep going in circles like a processionary caterpillars!

So, whenever someone tells you that they “don’t have money to invest in products to make money”, do not be perturb! Hopefully my pointers above be of some helps to you.



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