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With all the hypes on the web regarding how people make money online, it is no wonder that those newcomers, “green horn”, newbies or beginners who are online became confused and disillusioned real fast.

Let’s explore this common “syndrome” that almost ALL new buyers faced:

Imagine, they saw someone’s advertisement claiming that they can make $100s daily and all they need to do is to “BUY” the program or solution as mentioned on the Sales page. With much enthusiasm, they paid for it using their credit card, or they may even start to create a Paypal Account so that they can pay using that platform.

What was made worse was that, they were “surprised” or “shock” to learn that upon payment, they are presented with a “ONE TIME OFFER” which seems so genuine and lucrative that they ponder and hesitate whether they should “quickly” invest on it.

Most of the time, they will have that “if I don’t buy this now, I will have to pay a higher price later” feeling that will generate an impulse for them to quickly grab hold of that offer.

Instead of paying only the initial pricing for the “solution” they were seeking or attracted to, now they had invested “initial price” + “OTO price”. Worse still, they might meet with another OTO after that…. you will know what I mean if you have been there!

Now What?

Assuming everything is completed, the buyer (YOU) with full of expectation will start to explore their downloads or system backend for instructions or advices on what to do next. Then they realized that they will need certain things to function. Maybe a domain name with a hosting account, or the need to creates an advertisement on Facebook to promote the solution that the marketer provides them, or worse still, they need to be somewhat technically incline to move things forward and etc. Bam! They have hit a wall! They realized they need to spend more money and they need more technical expertise… so there is even more learning to come!

They starts to panic, so they write to Support for every bit of advice when they are stuck BUT the reply is not forthcoming. Worse still, it may take days for the reply to arrived, the Support reply might sound real stupid for them to proceed further…..anxiety…frustration….Give Up???

The list of woes and frustration could go on and on…..

Some will say they are snooped, some will say that the program are not effective and there will be some who persists onward, even though they felt they had spent money unnecessary for learning.

So, whose fault is it? It’s hard to tell as the variables are huge but one big advice I always give out to people connecting with me is to LEARN and UNDERSTAND FIRST what you are doing before taking out that wallet to buy any products or services online. And the only way to do that is to ENHANCE your knowledge first!

How People Make Money Online

As you can see from the scenario above, who do you think is making the money from you? Precisely, the marketers!

Unless you want to up your ante to learn about Internet Marketing and becomes a Good Internet Marketer, you can forget about trying to make money on the internet or web. Period!

Also, Internet Marketing is a HUGE subject and unless you are prepared to understand those concepts, trying to bluff yourself by focusing on one area only is Self-Delusion.

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The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action. -- Alexander Graham Bell

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