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Welcome to my Personal Blog and it is my intention to share the knowledge that I have earned and gained over the years of working online and offline. However, some information can be biased with the intention of exposing You to my affiliate programs or products sale.

Information will cover topics such as Internet Marketing, Network Marketing or MLM, Wellness or Anti-aging, Mobile Marketing or anything that can help you or myself make money smartly online and offline.

LEAVE if you want to make money instantly or overnight OR You feel that it is a waste of time exploring those valuable information here!

There is no business opportunity in the world that can promise you richness overnight EXCEPT those that are related to Schemes or Scams or making a huge punt on the Poker’s table. Perhaps taking a fling at a Horse Race or the Lottery Counter might be of help but people have been losing their bets for years without any return! Yes, I have been there too. Perhaps, those “One-Click” solution that assure you can make hundreds of dollar a day but if its true, why am I still sitting here writing this article?

To want to make money instantly is like a farmer sitting on a plot of land and wishing that a crop is ready for him overnight so that he can sell it to make money. Instead he should be spending time toiling, watering, fertilizing and eventually cropping it for sales when it is ready. How long do you think that would take him?  6 months, 8 months or a year? Similarly, ALL online and offline businesses has to go through the same process, like it or not!


If you are here for the FIRST TIME, NEW to Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM or even finding ways to make money online then my information here in this blog will be useful to you. Whatever CHOICE you made as a result of reading those articles here is Your Decision Only!

I will not influence you or persuade you to partake in those opportunities which I myself is involves with.

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better. — Georg C. Lichtenberg


My name is William Siong and I am a 53 year old living in a tony dot island in South East Asia known as Singapore.

Since the age of 17, I joined the Army because my family was poor and the salary provided was lucrative. When the contract ended I work in various jobs ranging from food delivery to an IT Store Keeper in a multi national corporation (MNC) to becoming an independent business owner. I have attempted several business ventures on my own and partake in Sales, Marketing, Support and Administrative functions.

In the course of my professions, I have travelled to several countries and the furthest being Alaska. I have seen or associate with people from different race, culture, religion, character or traits.

What I try to do here in this blog is to highlight any money making opportunities that I have tried and tested including those that I believed will be the new trend in the market today, and could be of help to You in your decision making process.

I’m just an ordinary person whose interest in Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and other money making ventures helps me become who I am today. I do make some money from those programs that I’ve been involved with but I am still miles behind the financial success that I wanted.

Information appended on this blog will have fragments of my personal testimonial or things that I have learned so far in life. I will append some friendly advices that is deem to be good for you too. I will owe no one any apology if they find it uncomfortable reading the information here however I will be extremely delighted if the information actually helps You in one way or another.

William SiongWilliam Siong, signing off from Singapore

“Because you don’t understand the value of your own time and your own goals. You don’t value yourself enough. Time is an irreplaceable commodity. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. So you must have something to show for your time every day.”


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Take a second look at what appears to be someone's 'good luck.' You'll find not luck but preparation, planning, and success-producing thinking... -- David Joseph Schwartz

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