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Housekeeping Your WordPress Blog?

If you are seriously wanting to become a good blogger then develop a good habit of looking after your blog as it is ‘technically’ your workplace too.

Besides posting of regular value-added or quality articles, doing a little house keeping on your blog is a great habit.

I am sure that you have set your blog to inform you whenever you received comments on your blog, right?

If not, visit and learn how to do it.

To give you an idea how I housekeep my blog, read below.

After Receiving my Email Notification,

Email Message For Moderating Comments on WordPress BlogWhat I normally do is,

* Browse through the message to determine if it is a genuine comment (regardless of praise or criticism)
* If it’s a Spam message then I WANT TO DELETE IT ASAP (As soon as possible)
* Click on the Login Link below the Text Message to go to your Wp-Admin

After Logging In and navigating the Control Panel of WordPress, press on the Comments Tab and you normally see your pending messages first.

Moderating Pending Message on WordPressWhat I normally do is,

* Right Click on the Website URL, provided on the Commentator’s zone as well as message area, and open as new tab to view it on a separate window. See if it’s working and not a DEAD Link.
* If it’s working, leave it (As for myself, MAXIMUM URL allowed will be 2. Check Settings on how to do it if you have not done so).
* If it’s not working and you want the message, delete that URL Link before Approving it.
* If it’s a SPAM, DON’T EVEN BOTHER DOING ALL the above steps!!! Just Get Rid of It!

Once you have finished your process, click on the Check Box of that message and select Approve, Spam or Trash and Apply it.

When ALL your moderating have completed, go to the Spam and Trash Tab to PERMANENTLY DELETE those messages. Call it paranoid or what, technology are something not to be underestimated and leaving those messages is uncomfortable for me and it might even have some digitally link to the original sender and god knows what they can do about it.

Besides doing the above, I will re-organize some widgets or menu to see if its more effective so that more visitors come to my blog.

Re-editing out-dated post and appending newer links or pictures will keep your blog from looking fresh all the time.

It is very inconvenient and troublesome at first but after a while, it becomes a habit!

Hope these simple procedure will make your blogging environment clean and up-to-date and at the same time, not becoming a victim of saboteurs.



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