How To Make Money Smartly When I Blunder Like This

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It’s not everyday that I blame myself for the stupid thing I does online but to encounter a situation such as this really “make my day”!  When I received an email message from InternetSeer as part of my web monitoring activity, it did not occured to me that they will provide a link that really make me boil over. Greed do play a part in this blunder of mine. Here’s an idea why,

The title was “7 DAYS OF FREE DOWNLOADS — Over 50,000 Stock Images : Backgrounds – Textures – Icons”

To create awareness for, they are giving away 7 days of complimentary access to download anything you want from over 50,000 images, icons, vectors, textures, backgrounds and more:

Button “Click Here To Start Downloading

Just create a username and password, and you get download access to everything on GraphicStock for 7 days. You can download 20 images per day.

GraphicStock is only giving this complimentary access to a limited number of users, so start downloading now:

Get Your 7 Days of Complimentary Downloads


How To Make Money Smartly When I Blunder Like This

Have you seen any promotions similar to this nature by Internet Marketers or Spammers on your email inbox daily? If you do, will you have the same thinking process as mine?

“Yes, I need some great images especially the vector one and since its FREE and limited to 20 images daily for the next 7 days, potentially I will have 100s or more quality images or photo in my personal library”

“There is no harm to Optin with your First Name, Last Name, Email address and User ID plus Password since I can always Unsubscribe at later stage IF they send too much emails that pitch for sales”

What really happened …

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After filling up of the necessary required field on the Optin Form, it led to a page where IF you do not fill up your Credit Card Number and Date of Expiry, you literally cannot continue. By now, I knew I was snooked!  I filled it up with Zero’s and Jan 2013 and was led to another page where more fields were needed, Name, Address, Code, Credit Card Number and Expiry Date once more. The clause belowed the Form reveals “the fox tail“. It is deem you are giving them the permission to open a recurring account of $49 Monthly but you have all the rights to terminate it even after 7 days of the Free Downloads and blah blah blah.

Naturally, I stopped the process BUT I’m pissed. It’s worse than most internet marketers practices that I had known. At least, you really get something in return for filling up an Optin Form as mentioned on their promotion, splash or sales page!

What I had encountered is basically an unethical practice of harvesting people’s information without the courtesy of providing what they promote. You only get your goods after filling in the Credit Card detail. Have I made a mistake or perhaps I am jumping the gun too soon BUT I am very sure that I had given away my Name, Email Address, Account ID and Password or even my Credit Card Number plus Expiry Date if I had revealed the real one.

Received an email message 30 minutes later and confirmed they indeed received the information appended on the Optin Form earlier but their system knew that the Credit Card Form was not filled and appended a link back to that Form in order to complete the process. Still no chances of downloading the “Free Photo” at this stage yet!

For sure, I query myself on “How Can I make money smartly when I blunder like this?” Hopefully you are informed now, if you do not know what you don’t know before about the danger you can encounter online with unscrupulous merchants out there. As in any industries, there are good business and bad business practices but to unravel them before others fell victim to their stance is much easier online then offline.

# Have you encountered similar incident such as this? Care to share here for the sake of helping the visitors here to understand the danger of providing personal information too liberally?


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