Improve Your Technical Skill For Emergency

Why did I ask you to improve your technical skill for emergency situation in your online  activities?

Just days ago, I was involved in a situation that no one should go through especially those marketer who had a Domain hosted on a Server. A problem that need their technical skill to solve the situation encountered.

Without naming who, an analogy is provided so you can have a rough idea on what is going on. Here’s my story:

On 19 May 2013, one of my Domain Name was expiring and my ex-hosting company wrote and assured me that the renewal will be done automatically. On the actual day, I realized that my website http://MakeMoneySmartly.Com fails to work. Funny things happened too (perhaps too co-incidental) as I kept getting the 500 Error upon accessing the URL.

On checking with my Hosting Supplier, HostGator, I was told that my account was SUSPENDED! That was a shocking news!

As I have an average of 300 to 500 visitors daily to this blog, I cannot afford to affect the reputation it had buildup over the last 2 years so immediately I setup a BRAND NEW site. Lucky for me I had bought the Domain Name http://MakeMoneySmartly.Com 3 months back.

I ‘cloned’ the whole site and migrated it to the new Make Money Smartly blog and it goes live within 8 hours (Even with my experiences at setting up blogs and tranferring of files from server to desktop and vice-versa).

Later, I found that all of my outgoing links were rendered useless because the URL starts with That extra “X” is enough to kill ALL my backlinks on my blog articles and pages! It took me several days to go through all related area that has the extra “X” URL and I am pretty sure I have miss out a few.

Why am I relating this incident? Can you imagine that you are in this situation and with your present skill, are you able to resolve the problem quickly? Where are you going to get help from, in a short time? Are you going to rebuild your website that you have invested much time and energy on it? (My sweat equity was 2 years!) If you are already ranking on page 1, will your heart sink? Do a Google Search for “make money smartly” and you will know what I mean. Due to my quick action, most of the links are showing without the extra “X” today. Phew!.

Do you know that most online marketers have the tendency to rely on their Domain Supplier or Host Supplier to provide them the support they need for their website whenever they encounter glitches? However when it comes to WordPress, they are usually STUCK because they need to have enough skill or knowledge to find the right answer to their problem. Everything online is still a “do it yourself” mode whether you like it or not unless you have the right tools or education and if you are technically challenged, you will not understand where to find your solution or implement those answers that you find from the web.

It is a known FACT that many people QUIT the business because of the technical barrier they have encountered. They are finding answers that seems to be scattered all around the web. Why does it seem so? It’s because they do not know what they don’t know and for them to logically find the answers on the web is itself a challenge.

Systematic Internet Marketing Technical Training Video

What I have prepared for you is a series of videos that are designed to lead ANYONE by their hand to learn about Online Marketing from the Basic. It all started with the purchase of a Domain Name and hosting it onto a Web Server then installing their FIRST EVER Blog on the the internet arena.

Those topics includes the following:

  • Domain Management
  • Basics of FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • WordPress Beginning / Advanced
  • Autoresponder – Managing Your List
  • Creating & Editing Sales Page, Download Page
  • Editing of Graphics & Images
  • Support Desk
  • Marketing Forums and Special Offers
  • Google Services
  • Technical Side of Affiliate Marketing

Looking at the subject topics and you will know that you have a Complete Solution on hand to break that technical barrier of yours. You will even shorten your learning curve because almost all of your question are answered on the technical video training course. It will enable you to convey the right message to the people you out-source your process to (in future) thus reducing the cost involve.

As an online marketer, it is wise for you to be technical competent in a way that you do not have to rely too much on any parties for your future product development online but at the same time, having the knowledge and the lingo to communicate effectively with these people is a win win situation. Its like you are driving a car and you have totally no clue about any of the components that were assembled inside your car and when it breaks down, how are you going to convey to your mechanic about the problem you are encountering?

Please be assured that the Systematic Internet Marketing Technical Training videos are recorded by someone who is an expert in this field and his spoken English is easily understand by all. Let’s have a look at an example below:

[trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”500″ height=”300″ src=”″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video]

Visit Systematic Internet Marketing Technical Training Video Course today to know more about it and learn to make money smartly using the technical knowledge you can acquire from this course.


#Have you encounter any technical issue lately? Care to share with us?

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