Information Overload

Information Overload

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Almost everyone who surf the web today will face this problem, sooner or later, i.e. Information Overload

Exactly why is it happening ?

#1 – There Are So Much Information Available That We Have A Hard Time Processing It

Make a search today on any Search Engine on the web for almost any topic and you will get millions of web pages as a result. Add-on available ebooks on the same topic plus published books available on and you will realize that there is no way you can possibly process all these information in your lifetime. Bearing in mind that this is only one topic you have just search for!

Question is “How do you know which of all these information are factually correct?” or “Who should you trust or have faith in ?

#2 – Continous Flow of Unsolicited Information

How many unsolicited or “junk” emails are you receiving every day, even with your SPAM Filter in action ?

How many email lists have you subscribed to that were once relevant to your interest, but are now just sending you irrelevant sales offers?

Minus those Spam eMail messages, what about those emails that was send to you without your knowledge, i.e. you did not subscribe for it ?

All this adds up to an increasing amounts of information that you need to deal with.
#3 – Contradiction In Knowledge Increases

With so many of these “gurus” claiming to be the right advisor, who should you really trust? The one with the loudest voice? The one with the largest group of supporters or testimonials? How do you evaluate contradictory information in a subject that you are just beginning to research?

The above 3 bullets were inspired by Rich Schefren’s report: The Attention Age Doctrine.

As an Internet Marketer, I do experiences such phenomenon and it can really become a huge distraction as well as a show stopper to my progress to make money smartly online. * My last article was on October 2014 🙄

What exactly is causing you to have Information Overload today? You can always share your experiences below at the comment area.

People with goals succeed because they know where they're going. -- Earl Nightingale

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