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Bad customer service is something no customers can tolerate online and offline. What is worse online is that you cannot see the person you were communicating with face to face. Even if your “bloods boil” and causes a stroke, the other party have no idea about your frustration or anger except for those four-letter word that might have been typed after several email exchanges.

EasySketchPRO by InnerCircleRiches.Com

Recently, I encountered something unpleasant that I must mentioned here for the sake of others who might be having the same experiences but have no idea what to do about it. Here’s a brief idea about the story…

June 4 — Bought EasySketchPRO after reading the Sales Page (recommended by an Internet Marketer whom I had subscribe to)

June 5 — Managed to figure out how to use the software without any tutorial available (they uploaded one recently)

June 5 — Unable to produce MP4 video from the software. Support Ticket submitted after several attempt

Several days later, managed to get in touch with Support who wanted a remote assistance over a Skype session. Managed to login and after fiddling with the system, mentioned that it might be the Server end issue. Was told to wait for reply.

Instead, several days more, there was an email announcement that now they have a newer version 1.0.8 that allows creation of folder for SVG imports.

Re-installed and tested to be fine EXCEPT it’s unable to generate the MP4 video. Support was informed once more.

2 Weeks down the road, still no answer BUT things got worse. The software fails to run whenever its activated. Skype for help because access to URL ( and failed to load on the browser and constantly produced a 404.php page with some links available. Problem is…

Whenever I managed to reached Support after repeated clicking of the hyperlink and Creating a Ticket, a TimeOut Request message will show each time the Submit button was click. This happened several times over several days. It gives me the impression that the Server is down or the Owner has “bail out”. 

I managed to get hold of the Support staff once more over Skype and he wanted to remote assist again. After repeated removal and re-installation of the software plus testing, he concluded it is the Server end issue and wants me to wait for several hours before testing once more.

Next day, it does not work too. And access to Support URL is

Shock, terrified

Nemo / Pixabay

still not possible. Out of frustration, I explained the situation on Skype to the Support Staff and asked for authentication if they will REFUND me as I intended to give up the software. He replied that I need to submit a ticket through URL Support. (Fuming…)

2 days later, the Support Manager wrote me an email asking me to Submit my REFUND request through Support URL again (I almost died!)

Till today, another 3 days, they have not replied nor inform me if the REFUND is in progress!

My Question is,

“Can InnerCircleRiches.Com afford to provide such bad service?”

Have they forgotten the basics of customer service which is important for any company especially if its an online business?

It is difficult to build commercial relationships online and although it cannot be compared to a close friendship or relationship between you and your local fruit store, ultimately there is a relationship known as CUSTOMER.

Many online marketers today try too hard to sell before building a relationship with their potential customers!  Looking at the email message I received every one to two days confirmed that.

Have the Support staff or manager make it clear that they understood my problem?  I certainly doubt so as they kept asking me to do something which I had repeatedly mentioned I could not do. I even tested the Software on another computer plus trying to login to Support but to no avail. What other advice or alternative solution have they provided? NOTHING!

The customer is always right

There is a popular saying in the sales world “The customer is always right”. Well, I personally feel that this point can be debated… But what cannot be debated though is the need to always offer excellent customer service.

Let’s face it. Without customers you simply do not have a business. If you want to build a successful online business you need to develop a reputation for providing great customer service.

In fact, customer service becomes even more important when you sell online since you do not have any face to face contact with customers. Customers that may already be nervous about doing business online. Customers who will “condemn” the internet marketing community because of a bad vibes caused by your company or service.

Helping a customer in need is the best opportunity you are going to get at building a relationship with any customer.

People simply hate dealing with companies that are all over them when they want their business but ignore them the moment they have a problem or query.

Remember that by providing bad service to a customer you not only risk losing that customer for life, you risk losing many other potential customers. People talk. People complain on public forums and blogs about poor service like what I am doing now.

I cannot help but wonder how many potential customers has lost because of one incident…

It does not matter what niche you are in or how you intend making money with Internet Marketing, people do talk online and poor customer service is a NO-NO.

Nobody expects a company to be perfect. A comment such as “Yes, I once had a problem with them but their customer service was excellent and the problem was resolved in no time” can actually help the company to get business in the future. 

Word of mouth is powerful. People love spending time in forums to learn and get advice from other like-minded individuals.

Obviously, people also communicate offline with friends, family, discussion groups and attend seminars and conferences. You simply cannot afford to allow poor customer service in your business, however small your business may be.

# Add comment below if you have similar experiences of bad support or services and how you resolved the matter. Thanks in advance!

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