Is That Software or Products Really Yours?

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Have you noticed recently that Internet Marketers are selling wonderful applications such as Website Creation Solution, Video Graphic Presentation Solution, Membership Site Solution and whats-not?

These kind of products has been emerging from as early as 2013 and its becoming so common that I no longer want consider it or to spend money on it.

5 Reasons Why That Software May Not Be Yours

There could be more but here’s 5,

  • Firstly, You still need to pay between $27 to $97 for the product. Some once but mostly recurring monthly payment till termination.
  • Secondly, You DO NOT OWN that piece of software!
  • Thirdly, You are still at the mercy of their Support. If its good, fine! If its not, you will be tearing your hair trying to find the solution for it. Worse still, you will be “bounce here and there” before you get to communicate with someone who provides you with “stereotype answers”
  • Fourthly, As your WordPress Platform keeps updating, the software conflicts between the software product and your blog will eventually occur. Then you will have to wait for days just to get things going (much dependent on the quality of the support involves) *Note: Look at some of those videos link I had on my blogs which displayed error messages above the videos, it had been there for months without any solution from Support because they did not reply to my tickets!
  • Lastly, Before you could settle down learning and using your software, a supposingly better version will be made available to the marketplace and you have 2 choices, either to stay put or upgrade to that higher version (which the marketers want you to do so anyway!)

Whether its 5 reasons or more, it does not seems like a win-win situation to me IMHO. Compare this with the early days type of software or application that you bought, all that you need to do it to pay a one-time fee for it and eventually whatever updates or revision that comes your way, you will still benefit from it without forking out anymore money for it. Unless there is a huge change of the software functionalities or facet, you will never see an Upgrade Solution within months after committing to the first one.

Perhaps I am paranoid BUT after having invested in several similar type software that includes Easy Sketch PRO and Covert Player PRO (for videos) last year, all I had are headaches with the Support or After-Sales Service. One of them even have the audacity not to reply at all!

There are days when their Server crashes or Domain expire and you could not utilize the software at all. Can you imagine the frustration or exasperation?

It really irks me to think that for someone with experiences like myself, I still need to go through such nonsense, what about those newcomers to this industry? It does spoil the reputation of the marketing world as a whole, perhaps in time to come, the stigma will be similar to one’s talking about MLM.

If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way. -- Jane Goodall, Anthropologist

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