Is There Life For You After 50 To Make Money Smartly Online?

This is a topic which I had wanted to write about for quite sometime but held back as it does not make sense back then, however after getting more involves with SFI / TripleClick Business Opportunity it is the most opportune time to actually write something about it, IMHO (in my humble opinion).

Is There Life Online After 50?

If you are someone 50 years and more and had wanted to exploreBaby Boomers the internet for a way to make money smartly online then it is my desire that I can convey the right message here for you. Based on my own experiences, here are some possibilities that you might be encountering,

  • You are not technical savvy thus afraid to take up the challenges involves
  • You are extra cautious with the “too-good-to-be-true” claims made by those Gurus or experts
  • You are “confuse” and “overwhelm” with information that you actually do not know where to start
  • Your “EGO” is getting in the way, always having some “defense” on whatsoever you read or heard online and offline
  • You are actually so “green” with your PC or any other related IT functions that is required for your online activities.

Here’s the good news, it is true that there are many baby boomers or someone in their 50s and above who are doing extremely well online in whatever program or business opportunity that they are involve with and here are my personal perception on why is it so,

  1. After gaining life experiences for close to 30 years (most people starts working at age 20), they are much wiser and not easily manipulated in their thought process
  2. They will research and analyze whatsoever that they want to do before making a decision about it
  3. They are prepared to invest into the business opportunity since it’s within their budget
  4. They are humble to learn from the basics or beginning
  5. They are persistent and do not give up easily
  6. They are always planning ahead for themselves or their family members

Does all this make sense by now?

Babyboomer and Technology

But Why Are Most People Failing Online?

The Online industry is similar in nature to the Offline industry except that you can gain information on practically anything instantly, some of which are nonsensical while most of them are genuine. The trouble is that most people likes to read “the bad news first” and eventually sabotage themselves and missed the opportunity that they are looking for. They are also easily influenced by their “past data” which is subconsciously manipulating their thought process.

How many people have you seen as Successful in the Offline world? How do you define Success in your own perspective? Do you realize that what you think is a Failure might be a huge success to some other people? All these are also similar in the Offline world!

I had always believed this cliche “You Do Not Know What You Don’t Know!” so unless you really tried something with 100% indulgence or passion, how would you know that “something” is not for you? Everyone is claiming that they are looking for the right answers but my question is “Is there really a right one?”

Here’s an extract from a movie that I had watched which is so meaningful,

“Don’t look for answer! Right and wrong answers co-exist in every decision. Wise people make a CHOICE and make it the right answer. Foolish people REJECT the decision and make it become the wrong decision. There is no right answer in life! There is only the process to make it the right answer”

Do you agree with the above paragraph? If you have live life for 50 years like me, I’m sure you know what does it mean.

If you asked “Is there life for you after 50 to make money smartly online?” My answer is an astounding YES!

If you are really seeking or looking for something to do online and have those doubts as mentioned above, why not connect with me and see how can I assist you in your journey to succeed online? Alternatively, you can read about this 100% FREE SFI / TripleClicks Business Opportunity as a stepping stone to do something online for yourself.

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5 thoughts on “Is There Life For You After 50 To Make Money Smartly Online?

  1. I believe that after fifty, there is much more interesting stories and experiences one can share. And the good thing about it is that you can target a market of the same age bracket to make the your posts or blog specifically catering to a certain audience. This can make it more viable and feasible for income as well.

  2. Thank you very much for your reply and some tips, I don’t do traffic exchange for my blog, I only get Good quality traffic from social media and backlinks. Should i only focus on Google adsense for my Revenue or affiliate programs also and I also want to ask that if i do too must backlinking in one day. will it considered as spam by google. Meanwhile i only try to make 3-4 backlinks per day for my blog.
    Thank you admin

    • You can have Adsense on your blog and at the same time promote some reliable affiliate programs but do be careful with your backlinking process. Commenting on other people’s blog about subject that is common to what is on your own blog will be a better backlinking process. Since you uses CommentLuv, you should see Andy latest tips on how you can get more backlinks from other CommentLuv users.

      Good luck to your venture online!


  3. Hey Admin,
    I Glad to see your Writing Skills. I am Little Boy 15 years of Age and Starting Blogging 2 months ago, I only earned 10$ till now. Can I Earn Huge Amount of Money from Internet by Blogging. Please Tell me.

    Thank you

    • Hi NItin,
      For a youngster with such passion for blogging is great. Hope there are more like yourself out there. The only problem is that most business opportunity available online are meant for people of legal age in their respective country and these businesses have their own policies too.

      Nonetheless, if you are earning from Google Adsense then continue earning it but please be extra careful with your activities. Make sure your articles are original, graphics are personal or re-used with permission and most importantly, DO NOT DRIVE TRAFFIC from Traffic Exchanges or whats-not to your site as you might get that famous “Google Slap”, which happened to me 3 to 4 years ago for no apparent reason or explanation. Took me a while to find out the actual reason!

      Please come back for more info or exchange pointers and invite your friends here too if you find the content is relevant for them.

      Cheers and enjoy,
      William Siong

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