Know The Email Messages That You Are Receiving

Email MessagesI am sure that every day you are inundated with email messages such as above claiming to be providing the BEST or LATEST or EASIEST or SIMPLIEST Ways to Make Money Online, right?

 Know The Email Messages That You Are Receiving

Here’s some Subject Topics that you might have seen or received over time:

If I Can Do It, So Can You

There’s Only One Program That Truly Works

No Bull – This Program Delivers – Fun and Easy Online Income

Struggling Marketers:  Earn Your FIRST Commission Here!

Stop daydreaming and start working!!!

Dont Miss This Chance

If you are someone who is not seeking or looking for an opportunity or ways to make money online then it’s just another “junk” or “scam” on your mind but if you are searching for an opportunity then such message can really ATTRACT your attention like “a rat waiting to be trap”.

What is annoying about these sales tactics is that they are almost always similar. Read some examples below,


YOU Need To Act Quickly, Because This Offer Could Disappear Without Notice…

Massive Benefits Are Yours To Profit From:

1. Blah Blah Blah : $497 Value

2. High Converting Blah Blah Blah : $297 Value

3. Fast Start Video Training Series : $397 Value

4. Website Hosting, Design, Theme and Plugins: $247 Value

Plus, If You Order before the Time Runs Out, you can earn 100% commissions on future customers that pay ME directly!


Can you copy and paste?

Do you have 3 minutes a day to earn an unlimited income? 

IF you answered YES to these questions then your’re going to LOVE THIS !!


Or you landed on a Video Sales Page that shows …..

Nemo / Pixabay

Someone driving or getting out of their amazing looking sport car (most likely Ferrari) near their mansion or someone having a helicopter ride or someone alighting from a private jet or someone speaking from their high-class looking home or mansion then …

You were told that you can become as rich as them by investing on a One Click” Solution that earn them humongous amount of money that you have never make in your lifetime and its usually 6 to 7 figures earning PER MONTH! And you’re “stupid” or not wise for not considering their offer. Worse still, they add on a “Timer” to hasten your decision making process.

1) If you choose to commit, usually $37 or $47, thinking that it’s a one time process then you are wrong! You are lead to an Upsell page called One-Time-Offer (OTO) which encourage you to purchase what is recommended as well so that your chances of making more commissions or money is heightened. But the sad case is that there might be another 2 to 3 upsells along the way and each time, the recommended value goes higher and higher. Instead of spending the initial $37 – $47  you could have spend up to hundreds of dollars!

I’ve ever experienced 5 Upsells for a single sale and within 3 days, refunded that “junk” for my money back!

After logging in with your details, you then realized that it’s almost the same solution or technique that you have already bought previously and it is not a “One-Click” Solution as promised. You still need a lot of personal effort to make it work!

2)  If you have chosen to “close the window” of the sales page because you are no longer interested, you will be shown an EXIT Popup telling you to “Wait a minute …” because they are counter-offering you the product or program with a “discount” or “cheaper” purchase value. Assuming you are still not interested, clicking the “close” window again will activate another exit popup then another until you become sick or annoyed with it! Sounds familiar? I have personally experienced up to 9 popups for a promotion of this nature!

Why Do People Also Avoid Internet Marketing Today?

Angry_FrustratedWhat is sad is that some of these annoying sales or marketing tactics were endorsed by seasoned marketers. People to whom you have trusted after you’ve opted into their email campaign previously. But soon, they start promoting or recommending “rubbish” to you. Some of them even send you different products promotion every 1 to 2 days! Many people have lose faith and trust with them and thus the industry reputation is also spoilt as well. The chances of the Internet Marketing industry having the same reputation or stigma as MLM or Network Marketing is not surprising to anyone anymore.

To be fair, it is not easy to modulate such practices or curb these “fake” marketers because the web is so huge. As long as the industry is lucrative then there will bound to be people or “shark” exploiting others to part with their money by offering many money making schemes or scams. Partly greed plays a huge part in the process too. The Seller is greedy about making easy income and the Buyer is greedy because of the following:

a. Who does not want to make money fast?

b. Who does not want to make money without much work (as promised)?

c. Who is not tempted when shown that making money can be so easy? After looking at those “fake” commission checks and thinking that making thousands of dollars every day is a piece of cake.

d. Who does not want a “One Click” Money Making Machine?

e. Who does not want to make money without talking to a single person personally?

The advices that can be offered via this article are:

  • There is no easy way to make money whether it’s online or offline. They all need Work! Trust me, those making lots of money are working very hard too!
  • There is no such thing as “You Don’t Have To Sell, Advertise or Talk To Anybody” to make money. Everything is about that leads to profit need Sales!
  • You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know! Do your due diligence by asking the right people for their opinions then decide what to do about it. NOT Someone Else Decides For You!  Do you ask for health opinion from a Lawyer or a Doctor?
  • Don’t let your Greed “immobilize” your thinking brain. Always trust your “Inner Voice” and often, it’s that first thought that comes to your mind when you see the opportunity! It could be wrong as such you still need a second opinion from the wiser or experienced one.
  • Always ASK then LISTEN then DECIDE! and when you decide to go for it, do not hesitate or doubt it anymore. Trust it and Just Do It for 3, 5 or 6 months at least and then decide whether if it’s really for you.

So before you decide to blacklist all those email messages coming your way, learn to differentiate those “fake” promotions such as those mentioned above from the real one. You must know the purpose of the email messages that you are receiving and make the right decision to filter them out for good. Hopefully you can find the real source of information among them to make money smartly online and offline from now on.

One tactic I used at times is to check on the Author’s Name using Google. If the amount of search return are less than 10,000 then this has to be a newcomer in the field and if there is no record of any Social Media presence such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other information relating to this person than whatever he is promoting is not worth exploring.

# Care to leave your valuable opinion about this topic? Your comment below will be greatly appreciated.



Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility...In the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people the ability to take on responsibility. -- Michael Korda

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