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Graphic DesignAre you good in Graphic Designing? Do you know that this skill can help you make money online and offline? Here’s an idea how someone can make good money on and if you were to explore the site fully, you will realize that all kinds of graphic are sort after by marketers on the web. Why are graphic heavily required for online business then? Let’s take a look below,

Basics Of Website Graphics

Graphics are one of the elements that make a website attractive and interesting. For some websites, graphics are used as part of their marketing campaign on the web. Graphics communicate with the readers or visitors in a visual form, which sometimes make it enough to convey the message. Website graphics are ideal for education or emphasizing of basic/main features of a service or product being offered on the site. Graphics that are incorporated on a website are either acquired either by URL linking, purchasing from another website, and by own creation.

Three common types of graphics for websites

The header

The header type is considered the most important as it is through this graphic that the website owner wants to attract the attention of the online visitors, just like the one above. For this reason, it is a must that the designer incorporates a well-designed header graphics display. A professional designer is therefore considered the right person to do this type of graphics for your website.

The “accompanying” graphic

These are graphics that co-relate to the topic or subject matter. It can even be use to attract readers or visitors when they land on your page for the first time. These graphics make the web pages lively, whether large or small and also maintain the central theme of the web page.

 The order-button type

Obviously, the order-button graphics are more for websites that monetize their services or products. The graphics do not necessarily have to be elaborate since this is where the customers or visitors click if they want to buy a specific product or service from the site. However, it is important to put the graphic button on a visible area of the web page to ensure easy accessibility for the customers/visitors. The buyers will also have an advanced indication what kind of payment processor is provided e.g. Paypal, Payza, Credit Cards etc

There are many other types of graphics for websites of different types too. Some incorporate animated gif whilst others provides infographics to show statistics or analysis of data involves.

Where to obtain Graphics or Images?

Web graphics can come from various sources. They are usually available through the internet portal or search engine, and can come for free or with a fee. It is important that you check whether the source is available for free from a public domain or needs permission from its owner, and/or if it is a copy right material BEFORE copying the graphics. Doing so will help you avoid any online legal or ethical issues in future.

Website graphics can be images that your digital camera captured. Website graphics usually come in two formats: gif and jpeg files. The gif file comes with smaller color range while the jpeg file has larger range. More about picture types here.

prawfeed2.jpgAlternatively, you can also outsource to professional or talented graphic designers for your graphics such as header, banner, portrait and others. The best place is where you only need to pay USD$5 for a job to be done. Here’s someone I’ve engaged, someone who designed header above for only $5 :mrgreen:

However, if you have the skill set yourself, why not explore how you can make money smartly online and offline by designing graphic for others.

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  1. Thanks for the tips really appreciate them. Now days most of logo makers charging unnecessary amount. Glad to know that some of them exist n doing excellent work. thanks for telling us about websites like fiverr.

  2. Great Motivational article for those who really want to earn online by designing skills. Now a days online earning or business is more powerful & result oriented comparing to physical business.Great Article Boss Thanks for sharing !

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