Make Money Smartly With Correct Mindset And Belief



Have it ever occur to you that you can make money smartly online or offline with the correct mindset and belief system?

In our present society, most people are made to believed that you need to study, get a Degree and find a job that gives you a good salary. Over time, it became your Mindset and Belief System. As a matter of fact, most people adopted Long term thinking that make them want to earn the Degree they need in life. Sadly to say, most of them stopped GROWING mentally after getting that Certification and did not apply the same concept when working in a job or salary for long term growth! They no longer read books of improvement or inspiration that can unravel their hidden talent or potential, nor do they do things that unravel their leadership quality. They barely challenged themselves to do more. Some of them became commonly known as the “living corpse”.


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What is even sadder is that when these people were exposed to some money making opportunity including Network Marketing or MLM, they do not have Long Term Thinking and expected Instant Gratifications from their investment. They forgotten the basics of starting from the beginning, whether its for studying or working or running a business.

Then they starts to compare with other people and as a result they becomes unhappy. They failed to realize the time or sweat equity that others have put into their business to become successful.

Instead, Compare with Yourself often to know if you are improving most of the time. Asked yourself whether you have improved yourself over the last 3 years period, be it spiritually, physically or financially. Then asked again whether you will become Better or more Successful by end of the next 3 years? If your answer is NO, then you need to CHANGE!

There is no 2 ways about it. Only YOU can decide if you want to change for the better!

There is a business model out there that has been proven to be successful and effective and it is strongly endorsed by Warren Buffet, Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki. This form of business is known as Network Marketing or Direct Sales or MLM.

Before you yelps out “PYRAMID”, think intelligently because there are millions of people and thousands of companies out there utilizing these business model to create long term income for themselves. They comprises of intellectual such as Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Engineers and what-have-you that includes Homemakers, Retirees and the Uneducated.

Please don’t insult their intelligence just because they joined opportunities such as this. A simple fact is they are likely to be earning more money than you right now! To add salt to your wound, I can GUARANTEE that your existing JOB is more “Pyramid” than Network Marketing or MLM! When was the last time you saw the organization chart of the company that you are working at?

To become successful in a Networking Business, you must have 100% Duplication! Period!

Don’t think too much about the nitty gritty when you joined a new business, just FOLLOW the existing SYSTEM and EDUCATION. Is it easy to change your mindset over night? Of course Not! Allow yourself the time to learn and change your thinking which has brought you this far in life, will it suddenly become wiser and lead you into a new direction? I don’t think so! You Dunno What You Dunno, ever heard of this?

You don’t need to analyze the business model or question the credibility of the products or services if it had been around for an extended period of time. MLM or Network Marketing has been around for almost 80 years, the model WORKS! PERIOD!

3 Things to Bear in Mind IF Getting Involve

Firstly, if the company is making millions of dollar every year, do not have the thinking that they are out to cheat you. If they are doing things illegally, would they have survived long enough to make millions or billions of dollars. Would they even get awards or recognition’s from the Industry player or authorities? Bear in mind that the Company is NOT ON TRIAL just because you are involved with it!

Secondly, keep the business as SIMPLE as possible to allow easy Duplication for everyone. It is not how good you are that make you successful in the business. IF you are too good, other people cannot DUPLICATE what you do. Just follow the system!

Thirdly, provide a highly STABLE NETWORK will ensure long term survivability. This must be DUPLICABLE too! The Residual Aspect of the earning is something that only network marketing can provides you. It is like the Royalty Income that Michael Jackson made from his album sales or the royalty fee that J.K. Rowling gets for her Harry Potter Series. This is commonly known as a Passive Income, Residual Income or even Legacy Income. Some people have benefited as 1st, 2nd or even 3rd Generation receivers of such income around the world especially in US .

Network Marketing or Direct Sales or MLM does not require a lot of Salesmanship BUT a lot of LEADERSHIP! If you want somebody to do the work then you have to start doing it first. You are not just a Manager or a Coach but someone who have experienced it and is now sharing it with others.

How to Duplicate?


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You must always START from Yourself! If you need to learn about the Business Presentation to help your System Group grow then do it yourself first. Then teach it to others who join you later. However, if your idea is new (newcomer always have lots of idea!), always check with your working upline first because they would have already done it before and proven not an effective one.

All Upline Leader will give you FREE Consultation in regards to building your business. Always bear in mind that these are REAL PRACTICAL ADVISES and not THEORY, unlike those from the outside world.

Be a Good FOLLOWER and your Rate of Success will become Higher!

In time to come you will realized that everyone learned the skill as they progress from stage to stage in their business and you will definitely learn too.

Make your intention known through your ACTIVE upline or Up Upline personally so that they know you can FIT into their Master Plan. Staying silent or quiet on the sideline WILL NOT do you any good IF you really want to make an impact on your life.

Now you know why you can make money smartly regardless  whether its an online or offline business WHEN you have the correct Mindset & Belief System.

The OPTION & CHOICE is Yours!


# Care to comment on the above? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Take a second look at what appears to be someone's 'good luck.' You'll find not luck but preparation, planning, and success-producing thinking... -- David Joseph Schwartz

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