Make Money Smartly with “Your Driving License”

This is by far my longest article to-date. To me its an Important Message for you.

Well, by now you should have an idea what Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Direct Sales can do for you, are you convince that this is a unique business model when compared to the Conventional one?

Why are people still avoiding it then? It’s because most people are afraid of it. Some simply do not want to believe this is possible, they became skeptical about it. Some simply “refused” the business opportunity based on hearsay or information that they had received from people around them. Of course, there are some who are simply not interested or have done it previously.

 “Are they wrong in making those decision or objection?”

The answer can be either a YES or a NO!


YES! I have been involved with Network Marketing or MLM long enough to say that most of them “Don’t Know What They Don’t Know!”  I have personally seen many people became successful in this kind of business. I have also acquainted with people who have earned a million dollar in the industry and they are known as MCA (Million Circle Awardee in Nuskin) or Double or Triple Diamond in Amway or International Marketing Director in Worldventures. These people are for REAL!

There are more and more professional such as Dentist, Doctor, Lawyer, Artiste, Pharmacist, Architect including very Successful businessmen or businesswomen joining the industry today. Are ALL these people stupid? Ignorant? Or, Out of their Mind?  In fact, they are so SMART that I respect and salute their guts, wisdom and choice to become a leader in this industry!

Getting yourself associated with most MLM Full-timers will clearly tells you why these people are doing this business. They know that it is a legitimate tool for them to generate their PASSIVE INCOME. They treat it like any other form of Businesses on the face of this Earth.

Better still, unlike the Conventional business world, they always enjoying learning, teaching as well as grooming others to do EXACTLY what they do thus they become successful. All they need to do is to Train, Lead and Duplicates!

OK, if what I mentioned above is true then Why is it that a NO can also be the answer to my earlier question “Are they wrong in making those decision or objection?”

NO because a majority of people are IGNORANT

OpenClips / Pixabay

about what Network Marketing or MLM can do for them! They won’t know what they don’t know. It’s precisely because of this that many of them make assumptions based on their limited information or data in their brain. Also, they are not prepared to take the risk because of ALL those negative hearsay or comments that were provided by those around them.  **see below

“Thanks” to all those people, who BOTH have done it and gave up or HAVE NOT EMBRACE IT AT ALL!  Some even bad mouth the industry because of their past venture or experiences and had decided that the whole MLM industry is the same and refused to embark on it anymore. WORSE OF ALL, they became a DREAM STEALER! They literally stopped others, including their Loved Ones, from even trying the MLM or Network Marketing Industry. So Sad!

They have done the Curious One a great Dis-Service!

As a business leader, you have got to find out how much your prospect knows about the MLM or Network Marketing industry with attentive conversations. Then, provide them all the information that is necessary for them to make their decision at a later stage.

Like the cliché goes You cannot bring a horse to the river to drink water if it does not want to so you should not expect someone to join you in your business if they do not even know that the “water” is there, in the first place!

 Do many people fail in the MLM Business?

Of course! In every other industry, people also fail in the business they embark on. You must know the difference between Failing and Giving Up. Find out from the person, who claims the business you are exploring is unworkable, actually Failed in his/her business or Gave Up? This makes a hell lot of difference to your decision making process.

What is the MAIN REASON that most people fail in MLM or Network Marketing business? 

In my humble opinion, these people who attempted the business have not tried hard enough to know more about the industry or the business model. Here is an analogy for you to digest …

Your Driving License!

Do you get your driving License just because you have reached a certain legal age? Even if such a Law existed, do you know how to drive when you received your License?

driving car,dog

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Of course Not! You would need to attend Driving Lessons and take a test to prove that you are Qualified to drive, right? The amazing part of learning how to drive is that when you have learn it, you will still be able to drive EVEN if you do not have a car for many years. Just like Cycling or Swimming, it is Spontaneous right?

Similarly to running a Conventional Business or MLM Business, when you have learned the rope, you will know what to do regardless of which company you gets involve with in future. The process of making the business workable becomes second nature to you.

If it is that simple, why then are the attrition rate or drop out rate so high in Network Marketing or MLM type business?

Continuing with the Driving License analogy …

Assuming that everyone gets a Driving License on reaching their legal age and without learning how to drive, they hop onto a vehicle and start to maneuver it, will they succeed? What do you think is the consequences if they land up on a busy road or highway? More accidents and more troubled moments, right? Technically they would have FAILED in their driving.

If they stopped driving altogether because of this, they have GIVEN UP! Not failed!

However, if they continue to learn from a proper training school or instructor, do you think eventually they will drive properly and safely too?

Similarly, if you embark on an MLM business venture without making a point to learn about the business or strategies, do you think you will FAIL faster than most people?

It is only when you have learn the BASICS, similar to swimming or driving, then you will have developed a sub-conscious process for the Business. From then on, your action towards making your business work will be more spontaneous. Somehow, you will know what to do next in all your undertakings or challenges. You will learn how not to fail in the business.

stress,gave up,surrenderWhat about those who abandon all trainings or events and hoping that “money drop from the sky”? They have GIVEN UP on the business. Period! They did not FAIL because they have not started anything! What is sad is that most of them embarked on the business with an EMPLOYEE MINDSET! They are always waiting for instruction or expecting people to tell them what to do next. Most of the time, they are not proactive in learning or finding a solution to their problem.

That is precisely why so many people “failed” in the beginning stage of embarking on the MLM or Network Marketing Business. They assume that by selling some products, they can make good income and soon they became disappointed. They did not take enough action to LEARN about the business, NEITHER do they get involve with the TRAININGS, PRESENTATIONS or EVENTS set up by their Business Group or company. How then can they learn more about Marketing Skill or Leadership Skill? They never get involve enough to feel the excitements of their Cross-lines or Upline leaders. How then can they portray that kind of energy or feelings to their business associates or downlines?

 Roger! Roger! What Must I Do Then?

The best way to prove that the MLM or Network Marketing Company you are involved with is THE ONE is to give it TIME to develop. Try the business opportunity for at least 1 year. Then you have the Right to say “I have done it and it does not work for me!” but most of the time we hear this kind of feedback from those who succeed, “Luckily, I stick with the business challenges long enough!”

IF it really does not work, I will ask you another question — “Have You tried a Second opportunity or a third?”

If your believe level is high about making money with MLM or Network Marketing, you will DEFINITELY find another company or find one that totally suits your interest or personality BUT you will NEVER GIVE UP. Trust me!

It’s just that you might have joined a wrong company or a wrong team or their system training is not up to your expectation or you realize you are not so passionate about what you are representing.

Do you STOPPED eating your favorite hamburger just because you took a bad one in some fast food restaurant? No, right? You will still try the next one then another one until you found the BEST, in your opinion. Tell me that I am not pulling a fast one on you!

  • If you say you want to look for ways to make money smartly online and offline,
  • If you say you want to find an alternative source of income because you have no job today,
  • If you want to make an extra of $300 to $500 per month,

then you should answer this question first “Have I taken the FIRST STEP to make a difference in my life?”

If you sit at home, watch movie or play that computer game for hours and expect your life to be different 3 to 5 months from now then it’s called INSANITY.  Wake Up!

On the other hand, if you have started to think, analyze or compare opportunities, don’t take too long as it will result in paralysis. The person who acts before you could be a thousand miles away by now. Just hop in and learn to adjust the mistakes and challenges along the way!

So, will you learn to make money smartly online and offline with Your Driving License concept? You have to decide because it is still your CHOICE!

Here’s something for you to consider if you like to have a life full of Learning, Fun and Excitement,

Make Money Smartly with SFI/TripleClicks

Hope you like it!

# Care to comment on the above? Your opinion and suggestion will be respected. Thanks in advance!


If you look at what you have in life, youll always have more. If you look at what you dont have in life, youll never have enough. - Oprah Winfrey

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