Network Marketing Is Not For You!

In everything we do, there will be some people who always agrees, disagrees or even remain neutral to anything you suggest or propose. Usually when a Network Marketing business opportunity is proposed, the answers to be expected are pretty obvious,

  • This is not my cup of tea
  • I have to check with my wife/husband/friend etc
  • I don’t have the money
  • This is a pyramid!
  • I don’t want to sell

What you see above are known as Objections but this article will not focus on them instead I want to tell you why “Network Marketing Is Not For You” which is rare because it is deem negative by Network Marketers or MLMers.

Network Marketing Is NOT For You … IF…

1. You do not know what you don’t know. How is it possible for you to know something that you don’t know…yet! However, all this can change if you are willing to learn about the BASICs of the business.

2. You believed your broke friend, relative or colleague MORE than the successful person who is showing you the Business Opportunity. Most of the time, we are defensive by nature so we trusted our “unqualified” friends or relatives more than the professional who is already DOING it!

3. Your self-esteem is very low. You do not even believe in yourself or is always afraid that someone is out to cheat you. You are also afraid to fail since it is so new to you.

4. You are too lazy to do anything about it. Partly you are afraid of CHANGE! You have always been “served” and now you do not like the idea of wanting to serve others.

5. You think you are the smartest person in the world. You scourge the Net for every negative feedback, news or articles about the business opportunity that you have just heard or learn about. Then ignore the rest of the data found and FOCUS only on the negative news as IF that is the real answer for you. You believed the 3 to 5 negative reports more than the total number of sites found by the Search Engine that involves the company.

6. You want to become instantly rich over night. Instead of working hard to make money, you want instant gratification. After not seeing any earning or income within the 1st week or month, you declared that the business opportunity does not work and start looking for the next “sparkle” without realizing that the whole process starts all over.

7. You refuse to learn from the Leaders who know more about the business than you do. Your experiences gets in the way! You will provide ideas that you think will work better and when stopped, you will feel annoyed and blamed others if you did not succeed eventually.

Fortunately there will be others who had the opposite perspective and such individuals will study the business, try it out and eventually become successful for the long term haul. Are YOU that kind of person?

If your answer is YES then have a look at this 100% FREE and International Business Opportunity that you can do it from the comfort of your home …

SFI / TripleClicks eCommerce Business Opportunity!


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A leader is someone who is ahead of the pack. Even if it is only by one inch. They are doing, or have done, what they want or expect others to do. They are not watchers nor do they wait around. They take action...proper action....a lot of proper action! And they never give up! -- Jack M. Zufelt

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