Play Knockout Trivia To Win TripleClicks TCredits

TripleClicks Eager Zebra Game Knockout TriviaDo you know that there is a trivia game offered by SFI (Strong Future International) business as an option for you to win TCredits which is the ‘currency’ for its TripleClicks shopping?

By winning a Knockout Trivia game, you can earn a minimal of 40TCs or more depending on the number of share you won in a single day from the Zackpot Pool.

TripleClicks CreditsWhat exactly is TCredits (TC)? Have you been to an Arcade whereby you change your cash into TOKENS so that you can use it for those gaming machines? Similarly, TCredits are TripleClicks store’s ‘currency’ that allow you to,

1. Buy any of those 90,000 products in the store.
2. Play all available Eager Zebra Games including Knockout Trivia.
3. Participate in an Auction for the product you are yearning for.
4. Listing Your Old or New products to have it on sale at TripleClicks (as Member)
5. Download Music from Independent Music Artists from the world.

And as an SFI affiliate, you can also:

a) Use TC to reward your business partners who joined you
b) Use TC as Contest Prizes for your Leadership Page entry
c) Use TC as ‘bait’ or ‘reward’ for potentials to become an SFI/TripleClicks member
d) Use TC to increase your Versa Points (VPs) so that you qualify for commissions & perks
e) Leverage on TCs to win or earn even more TCs in the Games or Auctions.

Why Knockout Trivia Game ?

You are entitled 10 Games per day of which 5 of them are FREE game. You do not need any TC to participate in the FREE game. However, you DO need TCs for your ‘revival’ and ‘lifeline’ while playing those games.

KOTrivia games are divided into different categories to allow fairness and partiality for the players as they are from all walks of life and nationalities. However, one must be pretty good in English to understand those questions posed during the game. They are as follows:

* Junior
* Free entry, Junior
* Quick Pick
* Big Dog
* Standard
* Double MRP

Here’s a review to understand more…

What’s IF I Want To Buy TCredits?

You can always purchase TCredits from the TripleClicks store using Credit Card, Paypal and some other payment processors. The more quantity you buy, the cheaper it will be. Maximum Capped per TC is at 29 Cents each.

I recommend you start from the 10TC Pack as it cost you $5.90

No money to start? No worry! Just play those FREE Games and who knows you might win one or two games for a huge amount of TCs for a start!

NOTE: You must become a Member first and there are 2 choices,

To have an understanding about the SFI/TripleClicks Business, Click here for a video presentation for you!


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“If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don't, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way.” -- Matt D. Miller

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