Promote Business Opportunity To Friends And Family Or Strangers

puzzle, thinkingThis is the number one question being asked by most people who came online seeking for a business opportunity and when they got started, they have their first doubt…

Should I Promote the Business Opportunity To Friends And Family Or Strangers?

Having been involves with Internet Marketing for close to 5 years and Network Marketing for close to 15 years, there are no fixed answer to that question actually. It is all a matter of preferences or choices as different people have different perspective regarding this topic.

My personal opinion would be,

For someone who has never been involves in any business before, it is always better to have people around you or close to you as your first group of prospects. They can be your family members and close friends. Reason being they will trust you better as compared to a total stranger trying to sell them the product that you are promoting. For those supporting your action or role, they might even recommend a friend or two to you thus creating more sales for your business. When done right, this leveraging effect can even help you form your organization in the company.

Another point to note is that family members and close friends tend to be more patient or sympathetic and will provide advice or help if you are sincere in wanting to do the business. Some might even join you so that they can be of assistance to you.


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As more and more people have been exposed to MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales, the chances of your family members and close friends knowing such business concept is relatively high too. They can be a show stopper or white wash if they are naturally negative about it. Before you even “warm up”, the amount of cold shower you got from them might make you doubt or think twice about the business. *This is the number one reason why the internet marketing and network marketing industry has a high attrition rate!

Showing the business to your family and friends first is also a good way to practice yourself prior to meeting strangers at a later date. You would have a chance to address all those objections made by those around you as such you will learn and become more comfortable and steadier when you are prospecting strangers.

End of the day, it all boils down to your personal intelligence and desire about what is your intention in the first place. Some questions to consider,

“Have you done enough to understand about the business?”

“Research about the people who have succeeded in the business?”

“WHY do you want to do this business?”

“Are YOU learning from the ACTIVE Leaders in your system group?”

“Do they show HONESTY, SINCERITY and INTEGRITY while teaching you?”

IMHO, if you have done your due diligence and really know what you want to do to make your dream comes true then you need to,

  • Start from BASIC to learn about the business. Forget about your past knowledge and follow the steps being taught to you.
  • If you think you have some better idea, it is always good to check with your ACTIVE Sponsor or Upline for advice (like I said, your past data in your mind will sabotage you actually!)
  • Do not get influence by all the negative naysayers around you and start to TRUST the product that you are representing. This is the 1st Step in building up your BELIEF level!
  • When you got your 1st Commission or Perk, review your actions to see if you can DOUBLE It!
  • Commit yourself 100% to the program. Give yourself 3 to 6 Months to grow in the business. Face all challenges squarely in the face.

You are only QUALIFIED to say whether this business is for you when you have done the above!

Similarly, when anyone comes along and say that the business you are doing is not workable, asked them those questions above to determine if they are qualified to comment about it in the first place.

IF they are NOT QUALIFIED, then Why are you listening to them? Or worse, Get Upset because of them?

IF they are QUALIFIED, find out why they stop doing the business. Did they Fail or did they Quit? IF your deduction is that they have not done enough, ask yourself whether you want to be like them.

When I’m face with challenges, I always remind myself with this,

“Some Will, Some Won’t, Some Waiting, Some Wandering,             So What, NEXT and you will surely WIN!”

REMEMBER ALWAYS, Just like Education, NOT all Business is for everyone. Some will like it and most will not. Different people have different perspective about the nature of a business. You do not have to sponsor the world but having 3 to 6 like-minded individuals who is willing to work with you together is enough to generate a passive income for yourself.

Ultimately, to promote your business opportunity to friends and family or strangers is a matter of choice or perspective. You Decide!

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