Restriction From Your Network Marketing Company

Rules_Regulations_wmYesterday, I received a Compliance email from the Network Marketing company that I had violated their representative policies or regulation. What is sad is that I have been using this form of method (through article, social media) to market the product and re-directing visitors or prospects to my business link for almost 2 years by now.

Restriction From Your Network Marketing Company?

This is like you are selling something from your pushcart and was told that one of the items you sell cannot be marketed “off-the-shelf’ as it has breach the supplier regulation. Either you stop selling it or sell it through their “designated shop front” which you are not aware of or comfortable with.

As representative, it is only right that we follow the rules and regulations to maintain our position in the company to continue earning those earned commissions. As an internet marketer it still does not make sense why such restrictions are still implemented when the online world has already be infested with many similar kind of business schemes or opportunities.

There are many kind of marketers out there with different kind of mindset and having to work with a business opportunity that only entail mouth-to-mouth communication seems to be quite “out-of-date” in my personal opinion. Worse still, you get to see “qualified leaders” of the said company actually having a blog or website “doing” what the company is trying to prevent you to do. Is this a fair practice?

Being a “veteran” of 14 years in the Network Marketing industry, I noticed that there are some companies who are embracing changes by integrating network marketing with online marketing whilst most still have rules and regulations that “tied the hands and legs” of their representatives who wants to do more or “desperate to do more”. Is this also part of the reason why the attrition rate for network marketing is still very high?

Anyway, to be fair, the network marketing industry is less than a hundred years old and will still need time for it to mature and become an acceptable form of business just like the Insurance industry.

As for companies that opens up for their representatives to market online or offline, I respected their decision as it will really help many others who were restricted in some ways or another. Why put everything in one basket as you try building a network marketing business for your future passive income? As for myself, it was fortunate that I’ve been making money smartly with SFI, a company that allows anyone to market their business online and offline without the restrictions that other network marketing companies does.

Visit my write out on the 100% FREE SFI Home Business if you want to know more.

Have you come across such restriction from your Network Marketing Company before? Will you share a thought or two about what your action was and what can you advice the visitors of this blog? Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!





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3 thoughts on “Restriction From Your Network Marketing Company

  1. I ve been in internet marketing for the last 3 years. I am very happy that I achieved my goal. Financial freedom is the dream of all of us. I think it the best way to generate good income from internet.

  2. Great post and I can reltate to that situation. I was promoting one cpa offer of adperio with a lot of articles and web 2.0s. But after a week that CPA offer was taken out of that cpa network.. Any ways great post mate

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