Things To Consider When You Run Out Of Ideas For Your Blog

Blogs are so rampant today that getting ideas or feedback regarding your blog is no longer a humongous task anymore.There are now more than 60 million blog sites in the world and wherever you go online, the chances of you visiting a blog is high. Every day, thousands of blog sites are created that could be for personal or business purposes.

Blogs, especially WordPress type, is like a personal owned diary where you share your thoughts, feelings and whats-not with the general public. It could be the sharing of one’s experiences or providing some form of education or even monetizing to increase one’s income source on a large scale.

If you think you’re not much of a great writer or someone who is bad at writing, let me give you some useful tips you can write about to give your visitors a lot of reason to keep coming back for more information.

1. Experiences. Share things that you might want other to become aware about. Anything that people can take away and adopt it themselves. For example, if you know that consuming coca cola and beancurd together can make you vomit, write about it.

2. History. Write how you actually decide to start building a blog and why. Is it for personal or financial reason? How it was carried out and what have you gain so far et cetera.

3. Customer’s Feedback. Share with your visitors if you had receive an email from your customer about how your product had benefitted them so that your visitors will feel compel to buy from you.

4. Reviews. Have product reviews so that your visitors know that you have tried and tested the products or services that you are recommending to them. Be fair in your assessment of the afore mentioned product. List as many pro and con if possible so that they can make informed decision to acquire the products or services.

5. Tips and Tricks. Personal, I like this most. Write about some new tactic you developed or learnt and share it with your visitors. It can be anything including Jokes and Quote of the Day and covers any subject under the sky. However, it is preferable that you co-relate it more to your blog niche topic. You do not want to talk about buying shares or making an investment in property on a blog specialising in Wellness or Anti-aging, right?

These are just some things to consider when you run out of ideas for your blog. Do not panic when your mind goes blank trying to write an article for your blog. Just imagine you are writing to a friend who is in another country and the only way you get access to them is via your letter to be delivered by a postman of that country (yes, I’ve been there before when Internet was not available to the general public 3 to 4 decades ago).

Write your article as if you are talking to them but try to use lesser of I or Me to avoid being too personal. Initially it is difficult like riding a bicycle for the first time, but after much practices, you will find it easy to write an article daily. Trust me on this!

If you are someone new to Blogging and want to learn more about it, you can visit Blogging From The Beginning.

# Do you have other pointers that you think is useful? Care to share it at the comment area? Thanks in advance!



When you think big, your results are big. -- Thomas J. Vilord

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