To Have A Website Or Not Is Still A Choice

So You want to make money via the Internet portal but you don’t have enough experience or money to start your own online business?  No worry! You have a lot of options available to you but for a start affiliate marketing is the easiest.

Affiliate marketing provides first timer or online marketer wannabes the chance to market something online even without having their own product for sale.

All you have to do is to sign up with an affiliate marketing merchant such as Clickbank. Find the product you want to promote and as an affiliate, you are paid by the Product Owner for your sales on a commission basis. You then direct potential customers to the Product Owner site so that they will buy what you are recommending.

To make money smartly by becoming an affiliate with any online merchant is often quick and easy, and for most affiliate programs, signing up is also free too. But many people still hesitate to get into affiliate marketing because they do not have a website to market their affiliated product. The question of whether a website is required or not in affiliate marketing now comes into question.

To Have Or Not To Have A Website?

There are people who claims that you do not need a website to start affiliate marketing. Is it true?

Actually, you can really start promoting and marketing affiliate products even without a website; and there are a lot of ways to make it effective. You can use strategies such as engaging in online discussions at forums, chat sites, message boards and others or offline promotions,email marketing, writing e-books, writing ezines and others.

Let’s explore these alternatives:

*Online discussions (Forums, Chats, Message Boards, etc.)

With or without a website, you can partake at online discussions because they are great venues for marketing your affiliate products. There are many specific online forums, chat sites, message boards and discussion boards with topics related to your products and you can easily find people who may be interested with what you are promoting. As for myself, I utilize social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

*Offline Promotion

You can also promote your product offline using classified ads, brochures and flyers.  Classified ads would generally work better compared to the other two because they have a wider audience.

*Email Marketing

Email marketing, or maintaining of email lists using an Autoresponder Service, is actually the most popular affiliate marketing strategy that doesn’t require you to maintain a website. What you basically do is to maintain a list of the email addresses of your prospective customers and maintaining a relationship by providing them with informative articles or follow up messages that are relevant to the affiliate products or programs niche that you are promoting. You do not want to send them news about property or investment if your niche is regarding weight loss!

*Writing Free e-books

If you are good in writing, creating an e-book is a great way for you to promote your affiliate products without a website.  Just like in emails and newsletters, your readers will appreciate your e-book when it is informative.  Stick to your niche topic. You can even append text ads with your affiliate link to direct your readers to the merchant’s site.

*Writing Free Ezines or Articles

Ezines are publications or articles that aim to inform anyone online about a particular topic.  You can use ezines to promote your affiliate products by inserting links that direct the readers to your merchant’s site. If you owned a website, your ezine article can actually becomes your content for your website.  But if you do not have a website, you can still submit your articles to various article submission websites such as,* and others to promote your affiliated products or programs.

With such strategies, it may seems that you really do not need a website to start marketing your affiliate products or programs but to become successful online, you really NEED a website as it will be much favorable to you for the long term haul.

To Have A Website Or Not Is Still A Choice! You have to decide about it if you want to learn how to make money smartly online and offline as an online marketer.

If you are new to website creation or stuffs like that, you can explore my Systematic Internet Marketing Technical Training Video Course as a form of investment for your future endeavors online. 


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