Unfair Header Title For Review Of Products

Lately, it is saddening to note that there are people in the communities making reviews in writing or video that does not correspond to their heading title. It manages to lure me to read or watch their video but it also left me a bad taste about the author of such review.

Why Is It Unfair?

If your review header title mentioned “Don’t Buy ABC From XZY.com” then it is expected you explain why the product ABC or the Domain XYZ.com is no good or bad so that I will make a decision if I will buy from XYZ.com, right?

But many of these ‘saboteur’ or ‘unscrupulous’ marketers goes on to explain matters of no relevance to ABC or XYZ.com but proceeded to promote their own products instead.

Can this product ABC from XYZ.com be considered a scam then? My conclusion is that these ‘marketers’ have got acquainted with the product XYZ but got disappointed when they are not making the easy money and called it a scam instead. Practically a sore loser or crying babies! Worse still, some of them does not even know the product or software at all but acted out of jealousy, I believed.

Making money online or offline is a business and it is ultimately up to you and your actions to justify if you can really make money out of it. The provider of a legitimate and working product or software is not responsible for your success and should not be called a scam if it doesn’t work out for you.

The objective of a review was not meant to be negative or positive, but information provided to curious readers so that they can make informed decision about the products or companies involved.

It is important to note that how far and fast you want to make money online or offline is completely up to you and the willingness for you to take action on what you learn. You could either make a lot of income with an established product or program, or you might not even make a single dime.

One advice I can give to people who are quick to jump and point an accusing finger at an opportunity, product or program is to ask yourself these questions,

  • Are there people really making lots of money using this?
  • If there is, why am I not making it?
  • Have I learn from the Basic and does exactly what have been taught?
  • Have I consulted the Provider of the product or program for help?
  • If I am inadequate, what should I improve on?

Will you even ask these questions? Only you can answer to that!

Only when you are fair to yourself and everyone then I am certain you will never post an unfair header title for review of products that you have intended.

Secret to success? Fail! but learn! People fail many times, but they become failures only when they begin to blame someone else. — Tony Robbins


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The person interested in success has to learn to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of the process of getting to the top. -- Joyce Brothers

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