If you want to become successful in making money online or offline, whether its Internet Marketing or MLM a.k.a Network Marketing or any other matters, you need to read the following:

1. Your Mindset is Very Important!

2. Importance of DREAM

The reasons why many people think that a Leader has an advantageous situation in any organization or businesses are because these people believe that those leaders (who have reached the Top) can rest on their laurels.

They are thinking like this because that’s what they are going to do when they reach the Top one day!

Sadly to day, people at the top are not resting! Top leaders are often doing things that others do not. They consistently look for new prospects or ways to improve their system including training and processes and others, YES, even when they are at the top!

 You can do it too, IF you are willing to CHANGE

 Change What?

 Well, Ask yourself why you are in your present state today? Or Why do you think its time to make a difference in your life? Is it because of financial issue, emotion matters, spiritual concern and what have you?

Will you consider these kind of changes:

  1. Finding a job when you are jobless now?
  2. Talking to someone about your product or opportunity?
  3. Lifting that phone and calling someone for a chat?
  4. Planning what you want to do for the next few days?
  5. Spend a little lesser if you are tight on your budget?
  6. Writing that article for your personal blog?
  7. Allocating another 1 to 2 hours for your research online?

The possibilities are endless. Why? Because different people have different needs!

Only YOU know what you want BUT most of the time, when something comes along that makes you un-comfortable. You choose not to do it. You postpone it or justify that now is not the time or perhaps, when you have a little more money in your wallet and all those excuses that could have conjure in your mind. Don’t worry! Everyone is like you including myself too.

However, to change things, you must TAKE ACTION by changing some of those un-comfortable things that you don’t want to do. Another way of saying it is “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Look around you and study why those successful people are doing better than you or your friends. You will notice that they do things that you deemed as “troublesome, embarrassing, tough”.

Truth is often uncomfortable. It is only comforting to those who do not wish to ignore it. Then, truth becomes not only comforting, but inspiring. — Neale Donald Walsch

 Winners are those people who make a habit of doing the things losers are uncomfortable doing. – Ed Foreman

That is the reason why I always believe CHANGE is GOOD if you do not like your present situation or you want to change something for the better.

With this analogy, I hope you get what I mean:

If you were told to head north for a town by Walking 360 miles away, what comes into your mind?

“Darn, it’s so far away!”

“My goodness, how long will it takes for me to reach there?”

“What’s if it’s raining or snowing or ….”

You get the picture?  Nothing HAPPENS when all this is on your mind!

However, when you decide that you will just have to do it regardless of how uncomfortable it is. You are OK to walk 5miles for a start, which will take you 72days to reach there.

Then after several days of walking, you realized that it is not so un-comfortable after all and decided that perhaps 10miles is achievable. Now you are shortening the goal theoretically to 30 odd days.

As your momentum picks up or perhaps along the way you met someone nice who wanted to join you in your quest, you decided that you can walk 15miles daily. Now, you have shortened your goal even further and perhaps you could even reach your destination in 20 odd days.

Do you see where this is going?

If you take that ACTION to just walk despite the un-comfortness, in 20 odd days, you would be 360miles away from home.

What if (because you were not told) “there is a pot of gold” waiting for you when you reached that town?

Would you have thought “Darn, if I know earlier, I would have run during the past few days?”

Does it seem like it’s so much easier to have done it? Why? Because you have succeeded in reaching your destination EASILY!

So, do you now think that CHANGE is good?  I don’t really know about you but if I did not change myself, I wouldn’t be writing this article for you to read. :mrgreen:


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