Think Carefully Before Subscribing Or Opting In

Junk MailIt has been quite a while since I post an article here on this blog due to my busy schedule. However I want you to think carefully before subscribing or opting in for any offers, freebies, free reports-reviews videos or what-have-you due to the following reasons (IMHO),

  • Are these marketers for real or are they ‘harvesting’ your email address so that they can send you ‘junk mails’ in future ?
  • Are they ‘harvesting’ your email address so that they can ‘sell’ it to those who need it?

  • Do you really want to fill up your email address on an Optin Page that literally did not highlight or emphasize what you are really getting back in return?

Look at your email program and you will realized that you are inundated with ‘junk mails’ daily and the question you asked yourself is “How the heck did they knew about my email address in the first place?”

I really have no answer to this question BUT when I am certain is that whenever I sign up or opt in for something new with an ‘unknown’ Internet Marketer (including some known) I will have some ‘uninvited guest’ in days to come.


I will create a NEW Email Address from Gmail and use it just for Subscriptions and Signups purposes. You will realized that soon you will be infected or inundated with spam messages and other ‘uninvited’ messages. And for those who sent GENUINE and Authenticated email messages, I will re-assigned them to my actual Email Address through their Autoresponder Message option area.

Messages that comes without any provision to Unsubscribe or Changed Preference option are always treated as Junk. I also do not UNSUBSCRIBE on those email messages that I DID NOT OPTED IN as it could be a Phishing URL in my perspective because by doing so, they will know that my email address is a legitimate one (too paranoid?)

Soon, my email address will be so cluttered with daily spams that I will DELETED this email address completely and re-create a NEW one for my next undertakings.

There is NO WAY you can avoid 100% of these annoying and uninvited messages as some of them will infiltrate to your actual Email addresses somehow BUT it is definitely a better way to minimize your damages.

Hopefully this article will help you think carefully before subscribing or opting in to any capture page or squeeze page you encounter on the web.

Do you have any other idea or suggestion pertaining to such annoyance? Your effort to leave a comment here will be greatly appreciated!

Take up one idea and act on it. Make that one idea your life. Think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, and every part of your body be full of that idea and leave all other ideas alone. This is the way to success. -- Unknown

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