Internet Marketing Know-How For The Wannabe

  question doubts query about Internet MarketingWelcome! Are you someone very new to the online community and is looking for ways to make money smartly online and offline? Even if you knew a thing or two, you have come to the right place as I will show you all the necessary steps you need as a beginner to Internet Marketing. Stop running around like a headless chicken and picking up tips or tricks here and there as they will confuse you more. You will get “information overload” trying to piece the puzzle all by yourself. Trust me! I know because I have been there. What you will see on this blog is 100% original and generated by me with William Siongthe knowledge I had gained from those courses or programs that you might find inside. I started exploring the internet 4 to 5 years ago and had been trying to become better day by day. I have learned to recognized even the slightest B.S. (bull-shit) that are seen on the web today, something that many newcomers got trapped with and I want to help in anyway I can.

What Internet Marketing Know-How Can You Get?

  1. Information relevant to your Success online and offline
  2. Internet Marketing Stuffs
  3. Tips & Tricks that the Successful Marketer’s are using
  4. My Personal Challenges and How You Can Avoid Them
  5. Get connected and work together for the betterment of our future

Who Is William Siong?

  • Singaporean, 57, and just an ordinary guy who started working since 1977 and had experienced working as Factory Worker, Army Officer, Sales & Marketing Executive, IT Support Engineer, Taxi Driver, Network Marketer (MLM & Direct Sales), Internet Marketing and eCommerce. I once owned a business for close to 6 years dealing with IT Support and Maintenance.
  • I walk the walk and talk the talk. Therefore I only share what I had experienced personally and not “paper knowledge”
  • My quest for learning is still as strong as ever even though I am now 57 years of age today
  • My blog is called Make Money Smartly because it will direct you to the Right Source to Learn and Earn the money you want. It will not make you go around the bush and in the end, ends up like a fool! However, please note that There are no such thing as a Shortcut to Success!
  • I am usually involves in most of the program that I recommend here or on my other blogs, so most of the time we will have an affiliate/associates relationship after you joined those program.

If a procrastinator like myself can succeed in creating and owning a blog such as this PLUS being able to generate some form of money making activities online, I do not see why you can’t. I am very sure you are much younger, stronger, resourceful and more energetic than me, right?


What you need to do is to have the right mindset when you decides you want to make money smartly online, or even offline. That is why I have pages of information within this blog regarding this and it starts RIGHT HERE.

Note that YOUR past data (inside your head) WILL BE FIGHTING & SABOTAGING you while you are reading those information that you do not know before. Keep an open mind while digesting those information as it will become clearer after some time. Your mind will have hundreds of reasons why you should not be doing this or that. You have to control it and be your own boss!

To LEARN anything at all, whether it is on this blog or somewhere else, you MUST ALWAYS learn from the Basics. There are no shortcuts in life and that includes Education, Business or Lifestyle.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

When there are things to be learn, there will be expenses incurred and when there are business opportunity involves, you will need money to get started too. There are no two ways about it. You have to be practical!

If there is anyone telling you that their WHOLE PROGRAM is FREE or ZERO COST to start making money online (including myself), you should put in 200% FOCUS to find out whether that opportunity is really as true as what it claims to be. Never Never HOP IN with your wallet fully open!

You might want to find out FIRST where is your starting point and do the right action or step to progress, with whatever helps from this blog or elsewhere. You can also email me so that I can help you out. You can also become a subscriber to my newsletter that will provide you with more information, perks, tips and tricks from the industry.

TIP: Every step you do for now will adds up those costs relative to your particular needs when you partake in any program or opportunity BUT it is unlikely you can start a serious online business today for less than $500 to  $1000* even if you do all the work yourself.*

*basing on an average of 6 months involvement in any given program or opportunity


  • You will NOT make money by tomorrow, the day after or even next week!
  • You will NOT find any MAGIC BUTTON that will change your life immediately or overnight!
  • You will NOT find anyone here doing the work for you. You need to get “in the trench” yourself.

Intention Of MakeMoneySmartly.Com

It is my humble wish that you will see, read or learn something from this blog and put it to good use. The Menu are there for you to pick your area of interest and read more about it. You can always Connect with me as my door is always open. contactme {})ADD}{)

What is important is that, YOU MUST NEVER GIVE UP! and never, never jump to conclusion before you try anything that you have not done before.

My past failures from my working life can easily be compiled into a novel, and I am sure you have your own stories too, but if I can still do it everyday at age 57, so can you!

Want To Contribute As Well?

All the articles or Posts that were created on this Blog is for YOU. Please do not hesitate to come here often to browse for any information of interest to you.

Make Money Smartly Writing ArticlesYou are most welcome to Contribute an article or two as long as the subject matter is of value to all the visitors here.

You can always reach out to me at : contactme{})ADD}{)

Thank you once again for even reading this far on this page!

Do subscribe to my newsletter if you want to have more FREE information from me.

Cheers and have a Charged Life!

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