Network Marketing Is Here To Stay

Before you “jump to conclusion”, please note that this article is not selling you or asking you to join any Network Marketing or MLM program!

I’ve tried and tested several online and offline Network Marketing or MLM companies since the year 2000 and gotten involves with their system trainings and activities too. Those EDUCATION really provided me with the knowledge and experiences I had gotten today. I must say that the MLM Industry is very much ALIVE and KICKING whether you like it or not. Either you embrace it or go and do something else that pleases you more 😆

You Do Not Believe?

Look around you when you are online today and observe those traffic exchange, safelist, advertisements, blogs, social media platforms or even your daily email messages and you will realized that almost 80% of those business opportunities being promoted are utilizing a MLM or Network Marketing business model!

On their sales page or video introductions, you will come across words such as Affiliates, Downlines, Compensation Matrix, Spillover, 2×2, 4×4, passive income and more. These are terms used to entice you to participate in their program and these are terms commonly used by the Network Marketers.

Please note that I am not here to convince you to become a Network Marketer as that is NOT the purpose of this blog but to bring the attention to you if you don’t know what you don’t know.

Yes! Network Marketing or MLM Is Here To Stay!

Make Money Smartly Business TeamYou read it right! The Network Marketing or MLM Industry is getting stronger and larger day by day. Either you are in it for the financial gain or you are not!

Well, this business model works, otherwise everyone would have jumped ship or bailed out of such a business venture by now, instead you find more professionals or intellectuals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Nutritionist, Pharmacist, Businessmen or Businesswomen and University Graduates joining the Industry. You will also find super-rich entrepreneurs setting up business platforms utilizing this business model. Every possible business opportunities today (online or offline) are utilizing the Network Marketing model. You have not much choice but to get involve!

Are those millionaires, highly profiled individuals, professionals – “Naive”, “Stupid” or “Lost Their Mind” by getting in such kind of Business? The answer is very clear!

Why Do They Gets Involved With Network Marketing?

This is due to the many successful testimonials or success stories that has been built up over the years in the industry and had proven that Network Marketing or MLM or Direct Sales is a viable and formidable business model. If you do your due diligence (meaning: go and do more research), this industry is generating/creating more Millionaires than any Conventional Businesses out there in the market place!

Take a look at Nuskin record of 886 Millionaires in 29 years of their business. What about the other 485 Top MLM Companies in the world? Just distributors or business representatives alone, there are 5 millions or more people involves with this kind of business! Are these people cranky, stupid, dumb or what? Of course not! A majority of them have a Charged Life!

So, What kind of life are you living?

There will be companies or individuals who adamantly refuse network marketing, or love to exclaimed “Arrgh! It’s another one of those Pyramid Scheme or Scam!” even without doing their due diligence. Then, they WILL only stay on in one place — the RAT RACE Arena or work on a JOB!

Video on Network Marketing

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Always always trust this cliche – “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” and when you know about it “What Are You Going To Do IF Encountered With One?

Unless you are willing to EXPAND your knowledge regarding any NEW subject matter through learning and education, you will not be making a wise decision by relying on what you “think or heard” previously.

Have the aptitude to find out more or the attitude to be humble and teachable and you will definitely see the “LIGHT at the end of the tunnel that you are walking out from” regardless of what opportunity that you were seeking.

As for myself, I still continue to work hard for my Dream that will eventually provides me the time and financial freedom to do all the things that I want.

Hope you had gained some insight from this article.



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