TripleClicks Range of Products

When you visit TripleClicks website, you will notice that it is a kind of Shopping page that’s similar to Amazon. It also display its range of products and being new to the platform you can Join for FREE by clicking the link at the Top Right of the Page.

There are picture showing the “Feature Auction”,”Deal Of The Day”,”Hot Deals” and what-have-you. You will notice that the Won Auction Price for a product is usually 75 to 95% cheaper than the displayed Retail Price. That is the beauty of this auction!

You are also encouraged to participate in their TripleClicks Wave 3 program where you can gain monthly rewards such as TCredits, Rewards Points or even the Weekly $100 and more!

There’s the Hot Deals where sellers are offering an exceptionally crazy discount price for their products , a Closeouts offer where the displayed product is for you to buy now or never again and lastly the newly added products that were added to the existing 112,000 or more products (it was 45,700++ products when I joined 2 years ago). As more people worldwide participate in the eCommerce Affiliate’s or ECA program, more products are added on a daily basis.

SFI has been around for 25 years yet such an opportunity were not known till now. The good news is that they are making the system tools better and better thus allowing their affiliate grow their business easier these days.

TripleClicks -- Your eCommerce SupermarketMy definition of TripleClicks Opportunity is :

An international online eCommerce business that span over more than 190 countries worldwide where you are allowed to promote their products or services to anyone or anywhere just by using your own computer system. It is your PERSONAL e-Supermarket!

There are 2 ways to get involve in the opportunity depending on your existing mindset about making money:

1. Reciprocal Income  —  You spent time selling the products and making money from the commission (Exchange Time for Money). Similar to anyone selling products over the counter. Sell more make more, sell less make less. When you stop, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA!

If you prefer this option, then just sign up to TripleClicks directly. You can still leverage on the ECA Program to make more money passively!

2. Residual Income — You are more ambitious and you want to do something once and when done right, the process keeps creating the result that will give you a non-stop income for a long time (Work Less Earn More). How? Through a concept known as Time and Effort Compounding. Basically you build a team of people doing exactly what you are doing and by doing so, you gets repeated result over and over.

In order to do that, you MUST signup for the 100% FREE SFI Business Opportunity Account that comes with an Education System which will teach you to duplicate the process. By becoming an SFI distributor or affiliate, the TripleClicks Opportunity becomes part of your business building process. You will become a full-fledged businessman! The only hindrance to your goal will be your Desire for Success!

The starting point of all achievement is Desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat. –  Napoleon Hill


Try Visualizing This!

An example of an actual and operational TConnect Page that you can find on TripleClicks is reflected here :

Jack M Zufelt’s Store
Jack is a best selling author & one of the most successful keynote speakers & business consultants in the world. He conducts seminars & customized programs as well as life changing weekend retreats all over the globe. He has achieved worldwide recognition & celebrity status because of the concepts he teaches about the true cause of all success & achievement. He’s so popular that he’s been on 2,000 radio & TV talk shows.
Recipient-Presidential Medal of Merit from a former President of the USA.

You can buy his products through his eStore (which you can have too!). Visualize yourself having an eStore or TConnect Page!

Lets say that you click on the “Jack M Zufelt’s Store” hyperink above and visits the page and after exploring those products there, then decides to buy “The Power Of Core Desires”, what happen? You make a Commission if this eStore was promoted by you! Isn’t that wonderful? You did not bring him into TripleClicks (someone else did!) YET You can leverage on his products to sell to anyone worldwide just by Connecting with him and promoting his link!


Now, what’s if you are able to sell any of those 118,000 or more products reflected below? The ball is in your court!


TripleClicks Range of Products

  • Antiques & Collectibles
    • Art
    • Coins & Stamps
    • Comic Books
    • Figurines
    • Furniture
    • Gold, Silver & Other Metals
    • Jewelry
    • Magazines
    • Trading Cards
  • Apparel
    • Children
    • Men
    • Women
  • Arts & Crafts
    • Art Supplies
    • Model Building
    • Needlecrafts & Yarn
    • Pottery & Glass
    • Scrapbooking
    • Sewing & Fabric
    • Stamping & Embossing
  • Books
    • Audio Books
    • Children’s Books
    • Fiction
    • Non-Fiction
    • Textbooks & Education
  • Business
    • Advertising
    • Furniture & Office Accessories
    • Supplies
  • Computers
    • Accessories
    • Drives & Storage
    • Networking & Communication
    • Software
  • Digital Downloads
    • Artwork
    • Audio
    • E-Books
      • Antiques & Collectibles
      • Apparel
      • Arts & Crafts
      • Business
      • Computers
      • Education
      • Electronics
      • Food & Beverage
      • Gifts & Flowers
      • Health & Wellness
      • Home & Garden
      • Jewelry
      • Movies, Music & Games
      • Personal Care & Beauty
      • Pet Care
      • Phones & Accessories
      • Real Estate
      • Romance
      • Sports & Outdoors
      • Tools & Automotive
      • Toys, Kids & Baby
      • Travel
    • Games
    • Music & Movies
    • Software
    • Special Reports
    • Videos
  • Education
    • Learning Aids & Toys
  • Electronics
    • Batteries & Chargers
    • Blu-Ray/DVD Players & Home…
    • Cameras & Accessories
    • Car Electronics
    • Gadgets
    • Home Electronics
    • iPod & MP3 Accessories
    • Portable Audio & Video
    • TV
  • Food & Beverage
    • Concentrates & Supplements
    • Energy Drinks
    • Food Baskets
    • Healthy Snacks
    • Mixes & Shakes
    • Natural Foods
      • Green Foods
    • Nutrition Bars
      • Energy Bars
    • Nutrition Shakes
      • Meal Replacements
      • Protein Drinks
        • Whey Protein
    • Snacks
  • Gifts & Flowers
    • Baskets
    • Flowers
    • For Kids
    • For Men
    • For Women
    • Holidays
  • Health & Wellness
    • Dental
    • Detox Cleansing
      • Detox Formulas
    • Dietary Supplements
    • Fitness
      • Books and Videos
      • Fitness Accessories
      • Fitness Equipment
      • Muscle Building
      • Physical Endurance
        • Energy Supplements
        • Supplement Accessories
        • Weight Loss
          • Stimulant Free Weight Loss
    • Health Concerns
      • Bone Joint Health
        • Flexibility Formulas
        • Digestive Health
          • Acid Stomach Upset Relief
          • Fiber
          • Eye Care
          • Healthy Living
          • Heart Health
            • Cholesterol Support
            • Circulatory Formulas
            • Heart Health Support
            • Herbals
              • Herbal Formulas
              • Men’s Health
                • Prostate Formulas
                • Mushrooms
                • Pet Health
                • Respiratory Health
                • Sexual Health
                  • Male Sexual Health
                  • Specialty Health
                    • Kidney Health
                  • Women’s Health
                    • PMS Menopause Relief
    • Longevity
      • Longevity Formulas
    • Medical, Mobility & Disability
    • Mental Focus
      • Anxiety Stress Relief
      • Brain Formulas
      • Memory Support
      • Mental Alertness
    • Natural & Homeopathic Remedies
    • Peak Nutrition
      • Amino Acids
      • Essential Oils
      • Vitamins Minerals
        • Antioxidants
        • B Vitamins
        • Calcium Formulas
        • Children’s Vitamins
        • Liquid Vitamins
        • Multi Vitamins
    • Super Immunity
      • Immunity Formulas
    • Vision
    • Weight Management
  • Home & Garden
    • Antiques
    • Appliances
    • Art & Decor
      • Candles & Accessories
    • Bed & Bath
    • Furniture
    • Heating, Cooling & Air
    • Home Security
    • Kitchen
    • Lawn & Garden
    • Rugs
  • Jewelry
    • Bracelets
    • Earrings
    • Men
    • Necklaces
    • Rings
    • Watches
    • Women
  • Magazine Subscriptions
    • Arts & Photography
    • Automotive & Motorcycles
    • Business & Investing
    • Children’s Magazines
    • Computers & Electronics
    • Cooking, Food & Wine
    • Crafts & Hobbies
    • Entertainment
    • Family
    • Fashion & Style
    • Games & Puzzles
    • Health, Mind & Body
    • Home & Garden
    • Lifestyle & Travel
    • Literature (Fiction,…
    • News & Politics
    • Outdoors, Sports & Leisure
    • Pets/Animal Care
    • Professional & Industry
    • Religion, Faith, &…
    • Science & History
  • Miscellaneous
  • Movies, Music & Games
    • CDs
    • Computer Games
    • DVDs
    • Games for PS, XBox, Wii,…
    • Musical Instruments
  • Personal Care & Beauty
    • Beauty & Fragrance
      • Bath & Body Care
      • Cosmetics
      • Skin Care
      • Tanning Products
    • Hair Care
    • Hair Removal
    • Oral Care
  • Pet Care
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Other
  • Phones & Accessories
    • Cell Phone Accessories
    • Cell Phones
    • Office & Conferencing…
  • Real Estate
    • For Sale By Owner
  • Romance
    • Dating/Matchmaking
  • SFI
    • Books
    • ECA
    • TripleClicks
  • Sports & Outdoors
    • Athletic & Outdoor Clothing
    • Bikes & Scooters
    • Camping
    • Exercise & Fitness
    • Golf
    • Indoors
    • NASCAR & Racing
    • Outdoor Recreation
    • Outdoors
    • Team Sports Gear
  • TCredits
  • Tools & Automotive
    • Automobiles
    • Electrical
    • Hand Tools
    • Home Improvement
    • Motorcycle & ATV
    • Power Tools
  • Toys, Kids & Baby
    • Clothing & Shoes
    • Furniture
    • Infants & Toddlers
    • Toys & Games
  • Travel

With such a huge range of product categories covering almost 118,000 individual items, there is no reason to say that you can’t make money out of it. It’s whether you want to do it or not! It’s simply a Choice you have to make! 

Get involved with SFI/TripleClicks today to make sound judgment on how you can make money smartly with it.

May the TripleClicks range of products becomes an eye opener for you in terms of the possibilities of making money locally and internationally.

Why not give it a try by Signing Up as a FREE SFI Member here?

Not keen to build a business network? No worry! Just SignUp as a FREE TripleClicks Member here to sell your products.

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