SYSTEM is Important!


Getting involved with Internet Marketing means you are bound to be involved with the following:

  1. You will Listen to an Internet Marketing Tele-seminar
  2. You will Order another Internet Marketing High-Ticket product
  3. You will Join another Internet Marketing Membership site
  4. You will Attend another Internet Marketing Workshop
  5. You will Sway to another Internet Marketing Guru just because he makes sense
  6. You will try to setup an Affiliate account to make money
  7. You will want to set up your own blog or website
  8. You will get “STUCK” and do not know what to do next…

What does this lead to?

“Information Overload!”

Everyday, there are many people exploring the web to find that “goldmine” which many have claimed or insisted that they have made online.

However, when these novice, newbie or internet marketer wannabe began their business venture, they find that they are overwhelmed with ebooks, reports, tools or advices from those Gurus out there. Their inbox is always full of newsletters or mini-courses plus offers that they do not even have time to read. They are literally drowned by these Internet Marketing information. Who is going to save them?

If you take a quick look at your computer or email inbox, I’m sure you will see hundreds (if not, thousands!) of pages of information on topics such as …

Affiliate Marketing   |   Viral Marketing   | List Building   |   PLR   |   eBook   |   Adsense   |   Article Writing   |   Blogging   |   SEO   |   Create Website   |   Joint Ventures . . .

You’ve got an encyclopedia of Internet Marketing stuffs at your finger tips that we do not have several years ago. (Remember: this syndrome is applicable to Network Marketing Online too!). Worse still, every single day, your “Newsletter” is offering you more things to consider.

Does all these helps you?

Maybe but what is more important is that you should know how to put everything together into a simple, workable plan that makes money for you.

Is it really that simple?

If it was, why do so many people disappeared after a short period of time “roaming” around? It’s like they have migrated into the Bermuda Triangle or Twilight Zone!

Trust me! This is not easy and often than not, it makes you broke trying to find that elusive answer to your problem.

Actually, there is an ANSWER to this predicament of yours!


Whether it’s Internet Marketing or Network Marketing, in order for you to become successful, you need a System. This is so clearly reinforced by an Internet Marketing Guru, Jimmy D. Brown, when he promoted a program called “Full Time Formula”.

He mentioned that “It’s not about Marketing, it’s about Management

What he meant is that “marketing” is the easy part. For example,

  1. To build a list, you can find it easily in 10 minutes via Google or Clickbank
  2. To create products, you can easily subscribe to great courses that teaches you how
  3. To create a web site, many great tutorial video can be found via Search Engine

Everything about Internet Marketing can be found simply by searching for courses or spending another $x to get an eBook.

The REAL PROBLEM  is learning how to implement all of the components of Internet Marketing into a daily workable plan.

That is where everyone gets stumped! They’ve got all the ideas or information BUT they don’t know what to do next. Therefore, what they lack is “Management

You need to know how to MANAGE your internet business and all its components so that you can systematically build your business one step at a time and one day at a time.

So, What is a System?


An organized, purposeful structure regarded as a whole and consisting of interrelated and interdependent elements (components, entities, factors, members, parts.). These elements continually influence one another (directly or indirectly) to maintain their activity and the existence of the system, in order to achieve the goal of the system.

One great example is the Human Body having various systems to function normally. Either one of these system (respiratory) fails, we are rendered helpless or die.

The best known example of a commercial business system in the world is McDonald. Look at all their 35,000 outlets in the world, what do you see?

Their business model is identical, including the way they placed their equipments, cooked their food as well as location of their restaurant. Why? This is because of their Successful System. It has been proven for years! So, why change or innovate at all?

Do you think that you can just walk into McDonald Headquarter and ask for an outlet and you will have it? No Way!

You will still need to go through their System of Qualification before providing you with the Franchise License (And the fee is huge!). You will NEED to attend lessons on how to run your business too. They even have their education centre named Hamburger University.

I hope you get the picture.

Why Do You Need A SYSTEM?

As describe on the last section, a system is a proven process of inputs, outputs and feedback mechanism. Therefore, when you partake in any business venture that already has a proven system, you can leverage on it Big Time to generate your Residual Income!

With a proven and working system, their Education Process, Prospecting Process, Sales Process including Finance Process are already in placed and all you have to do is to study and implement them. Then making it known to your future business partners or affiliates or downlines ( MLM terminology ) so that your business group or structure grows. That’s the Power of Leveraging!

One Company that I am affiliated with has a proven system with processes as mentioned above, you can explore this 100% FREE SFI / TripleClicks business opportunity to have a feel on how it works.

With a proven system, you are not alone fighting for your survivability online. Instead you will have like-minded people collaborating with you to build your business. Isn’t that wonderful?

When you decide to get involve with any online marketing business today, you will usually encounter 2 systems. One is the Company System whilst the other is your Upline System Group.

Do your due diligent before deciding to hop into any Internet Marketing or MLM business!

Now that you know the importance of a System, who knows, with time and space, you will one day form up your own business marketing system that will help you make money smartly online and offline.

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  1. Another wonderful article, it is very helpful and educating, system in bussines is the very important thing, but as you can see, many people didn’t realize it. I really love your article thank you for posting an educating article.

  2. Eu encontrei este artigo muito interessante e informativo. Ele vai certamente acrescentar ao nosso conhecimento.

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