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Hi, browsing through “About Blog & Me” will tell you who I am so that you know I am not fictitious but Alive!

After much liberation, I decided to add-on this page to this TAB to let you know the purpose of all my blogs on the web. No matter what kind of business you intend to operate and irrespective of whether that business is primarily focused on offline or online operations, there is one truth about running a business that none of us can avoid,

BUSINESS never keeps still!

It is constantly changing and evolving on a daily basis. If you are already an Online Business Owner or Internet Marketer, this will apply to you just as much as it applies to everyone else. It does not really matter how you make your money – whether it is through selling of products, services or even making money by featuring paid advertising on your websites – the same condition still applies.

Whatever specific variation of the online money making ‘game’ you are playing, the rules of the game never stand still. This by definition means that you have to be adaptable, flexible and willing to change, as and when, it is necessary in order to be a long-term competitive player.

If you are not an Online Business Owner or Internet Marketer at this point in time, learning how to make money smartly online and offline will definitely position you well for the future. All that you need is your desire and decision to succeed in all your undertakings from now on.

There is no point in pretending or beating around the bush regarding making money online. Yes, it is hard BUT it is also achievable! Times are very hard, and there is no reason to assume or imagine that they are going to get better any time soon. The world as a whole has undergone many traumatic changes over the past few years, and the financial situation in most developed Western & European countries does not improve much.

With all the changes recently, including US, it inevitably bring new challenges with them, and it is a fact that if you are running your own online business, you will need to rise and adapt to these new challenges.

The bottom line is, what was working even as recently as a year ago is probably not going to work anywhere near as well now, and you can almost guarantee that yesterday’s methods and tactics for success are going to become increasingly ineffective over the next few years.

On the other hand, the good news is that there is still plenty of money to be earned and that if you do adapt and develop your business to match the requirements of this new era, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why you can’t be successful and profitable.

But the bottom line is, YOU have to change your way of thinking and the way you approach and transact businesses (probably needs to modify where necessary).

Read as many of those articles available in this blog and also at  WilliamSiong.com and hopefully there will be some glimpse of hope and aspiration for you to venture online to make the money you want.

I will do my utmost best to append information that are current and useful for the visitors, affiliates and business associates who visit my blogs from time to time, and hopefully it will benefit you too.

I am NOT an expert online nor am I a Millionaire marketer, as most Gurus claimed, BUT I do know what is or not working online after having embrace Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and eCommerce during the past 8 years.

I constantly update myself with information regarding latest trends, marketing strategies, product launches, tips and tricks and I will share them to the best of my abilities on my blogs.

May you find your pot of golds here somehow. For my best support, do Sign up as a Subscriber to my newsletter whenever you see an Optin Table or Form within the blog and I will be looking forward to connect with you on the inside.

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